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Illness and bdsm

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GvS​(other male)
2 months ago • Wed 09 Jan 2019 05:22:58 PM IST
GvS​(other male) • Wed 09 Jan 2019 05:22:58 PM IST
Someone above mentioned a "new normal", and I think this is the crux of the whole issue. Negotiations have been carried out, agreements have been made... and then, everything changes.
A good relationship should have room for re-negotiation, because nothing lasts forever. Something like chronic illness, the inability to provide whatever one used to,is clearly a time fot re-negotiation. And sometimes, re-negotiation means that a new common ground can"t be reached. Yet another hard reality to be faced...
alawey​(sub female){(OWNED BY }
2 months ago • Wed 09 Jan 2019 05:49:31 PM IST
alawey​(sub female){(OWNED BY } • Wed 09 Jan 2019 05:49:31 PM IST
i feel as many have already stated. its about talking and really listening to the other person. Wat is able to work now and how things might change in the future.. And as bunnie said " It’s about trying to find a new “normal.” "

And really when you get down to the basic, "sex (of any kind)" is not all that this life style is made up of. There is so much more to it. i think that if there was an injury or sickness that accorded that pulled the "sex " part out . that the other things would just become a bigger role with in the relationship.

Just my two cents .. and rambles