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Sub is turned on by everything

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SirHanz​(dom male){Minx}
6 months ago • Mon 31 Dec 2018 02:59:49 PM IST
SirHanz​(dom male){Minx} • Mon 31 Dec 2018 02:59:49 PM IST
Reminds me of trying to punish a ferret. Everything you do they turn into a game and enjoy lol. I recommend trying to make your sub dizzy by spinning them. Not shure if it will work but it worked on the ferret lol.
TalentedOptimist​(dom male)
6 months ago • Tue 01 Jan 2019 08:23:37 PM IST
TalentedOptimist​(dom male) • Tue 01 Jan 2019 08:23:37 PM IST
There is a difference between a sub understanding the need for a punishinment or enjoying the process of being punished. The process of letting go and submitting. I have had submissives who have been obsessed with that one aspect of our dynamic.

I would suggest talking with your submissive, and then exhausting her. Your post makes it seem as if you are going up against your submissive's behavior at the surface level. Your frustration could be up against your submissive's previous trauma, pent up frustrations or her desire to be lost in the dom/sub experience.

My advice:

Talk and be honest with your submissive. Have this conversation take place after an intense work out, bondage session or a fun night out.
Find the deeper mechanics of how she thinks and build your plan around that. It will take some work and you will have to change how you think about things. Good luck.
LadyR81​(sub female){--YES--}
6 months ago • Fri 11 Jan 2019 02:48:24 AM IST
LadyR81​(sub female){--YES--} • Fri 11 Jan 2019 02:48:24 AM IST
As a sub myself, I am easily stimulated. But the absence of my Dom/me's attention is the ultimate punishment for me. The sexually teasing, the "no," the walking away, the making their own coffee, that's what bothers me. That, and dishes...I hate dishes!