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Queen Rosalina​(switch female)
3 weeks ago • Thu 24 Jan 2019 06:27:28 PM IST
Queen Rosalina​(switch female) • Thu 24 Jan 2019 06:27:28 PM IST
dollMaker wrote:
CFNM is not just dom clothed, but can be sub clothed and the dom naked. Being a doll maker which has an important dressing the doll component I have in the past played naked, while the doll stays dressed.

There is absolutely no reason why a dom, male or female, other can't be naked and the sub be clothed. If you are confident that way, what a great way to fuck with expectations.

This sounds so hot, especially in an orgasm denial session.
Livetoplease​(sub male){No collar,}
1 week ago • Sun 10 Feb 2019 08:26:25 PM IST
Livetoplease​(sub male){No collar,} • Sun 10 Feb 2019 08:26:25 PM IST
Wow, I never thought about being kept nude in a room full of well dressed, dominate women judging me, using me as they wish, playing games and laughing. Sounds fun! Where can I sign up?