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SchrodingersDinosaur​(switch female)
3 months ago • Tue 11 Jun 2019 03:30:57 AM IDT
SchrodingersDinosaur​(switch female) • Tue 11 Jun 2019 03:30:57 AM IDT
Great topic, Bunnie. Pampering is something I enjoy from both sides of the slash (benies of being Switch! 😉). I'm thoroughly happy to physically a Dominant with the aforementioned activities, massages, bathing, and other personal care including shaving them (with a safety razor only! I'm scared shitless of using a straight razor on anyone. Totally don't trust meself!). Interestingly I also like to pamper a subbie too though. Maybe it's due to the nurturing Dominant thing I tend to feel, but drawing a bath for and then lovingly washing, drying, and lotioning their body feels just as good to me. Good discussion!
3 months ago • Wed 12 Jun 2019 01:43:12 PM IDT
Bunnie • Wed 12 Jun 2019 01:43:12 PM IDT
@ Azzabackam,

“One, what the bloody FUCK is a cutthroat and how does it figure into lovely things like massages and pampering?”

Lol. It does sound terrible doesn’t it. I think it’s not often called a “cutthroat,” more often a straight razor. It gives a very close shave, and can be quite ritualistic (not in a sacrificial way lol), but in a bathing, facial pampering kind of way.

I think you inadvertently touched on something I was kind of getting at a bit in asking about the gender differences. I know that in some places (Australia being a perfect example), men placing high regard in self care is seen as not masculine. I was quite surprised the first time I experienced men who wore cologne and considered self care to be quite normal (in Europe). It really opened my eyes to the underlying beliefs that can exist within our culture without really noticing. Obviously it was the men that surrounded me in my life, and I’m not saying this is the mindset of every man in Australia, yet it is quite common. So I have often wondered how popular it would be.

However I was also curious about it from the perspective of Dominant/Switches/submissive (sorry I forgot to add that earlier), because I was also curious about the mindset of people considering whether it’s Dominant or not or submissive or not. (For example... the common, ‘is it Dominant or submissive to go down on your sub’ type thinking).

This has been awesome feedback from everyone, thank you all icon_smile.gif
HeWhoHasNoSWITCH​(switch male)
3 months ago • Wed 12 Jun 2019 05:12:36 PM IDT
HeWhoHasNoSWITCH​(switch male) • Wed 12 Jun 2019 05:12:36 PM IDT
Since reading this forum and commenting, I have ended up reminiscing of the times of being pampered. I miss it now. It’s a beautiful thing to serve someone and be served. I enjoy giving massages and painting nails. I love cooking and hosting. I miss being greeted at the door and having my boots untied and taken off. Thank

Bunnie after reading your reply I agree with how nice Europeans smell lol. I haven’t been to Australia yet but in my experience a lot of American men wear cologne. Being a man is so much more than appearances, unfortunately I think there are just a lot of boys with facial hair out there. Not going to rant on what a man is because I could go all day lol.