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SR13​(dom male)
3 months ago • Sat 06 Jul 2019 05:24:39 AM IDT
SR13​(dom male) • Sat 06 Jul 2019 05:24:39 AM IDT
Wow so many wonderful writings here. Well where should I start? I am a Dom but that is just a small part of me. I am more than just what may darker side is and wants. Think of it a a puzzle many pieces that fir together but none the same. I have been many things to many people . Friend lover daddy husband a kind hearted listener and once a punching bag for a friend who just needed to get it out and let go of some very bad stuff she was holding back. Many things to many people but only many things to a select few.
I am a country boy who loves the city. I can't stand not being able to see the stars every night but I love the city lights. I am fiercely loyal to a few friends. I would gladly fight for them and take a life for them if it came to that. Life is not something you should take or give up without knowing it is worth your own for doing so. There is nothing better in life than a hot pizza cold drinks and a good movie with someone snuggled up next to you. Well 2 someones. One on each side would be nice.
Finding someone to share your life is not easy finding someone to share both your lives is next to impossible. It should be hard but not impossible. Just someone to share things and enjoy life with who also happens to enjoy a nice spanking. To many times we look and we see what we like but find we are not what they are looking for. To many times I have found someone who was compatible but later found a side to them they hid. I will admit I am the king of assholes. I am proud of it and am told many times a day I am the king.
If we can't be honest in the lifestyle we love and to those who have had the pleasure of meeting about who we are and what we want then where in life can we be free to be open and honest? If you got this far your better than me! Be well be free and be happy.
3 months ago • Sat 06 Jul 2019 02:41:09 PM IDT
Villanelle​(staff) • Sat 06 Jul 2019 02:41:09 PM IDT
Thank you all for the intros. It's lovely to have you join us inside THE CAGE!
3 months ago • Mon 08 Jul 2019 05:03:11 PM IDT
Villanelle​(staff) • Mon 08 Jul 2019 05:03:11 PM IDT
I hope you all had a great weekend! If you're new to THE CAGE please say hello here icon_smile.gif
SirRed​(dom male)
3 months ago • Mon 08 Jul 2019 08:48:35 PM IDT


SirRed​(dom male) • Mon 08 Jul 2019 08:48:35 PM IDT
Greetings all.

I’m a newer dom just looking to explore the online relationship aspect as of right now. Willing to chat with just about anyone. Though please check your grammar. Irritates me when I have to decipher what someone is trying to say.
3 months ago • Thu 11 Jul 2019 02:25:37 PM IDT
Villanelle​(staff) • Thu 11 Jul 2019 02:25:37 PM IDT
Welcome SirRed! And welcome to everyone who has joined us so far this week!
MistressKyra​(dom female)
3 months ago • Sun 14 Jul 2019 09:44:35 AM IDT

Howdy Guys!

MistressKyra​(dom female) • Sun 14 Jul 2019 09:44:35 AM IDT
I've been meaning to get on here and introduce myself for a while, but life happens unfortunately and seems to get in the way. But neither here nor there right?

I'm a 23 year old bisexual dominant, who put away her dom side when she got married to her awesome (vanilla) husband. Well, now that we've achieved a level of sorts in the (Understanding that I have different interests than most vanilla people do) he understands that I need to let out my Domme side that's getting fed up with being pushed back.

Anyways, I have been a dominant for 5 years. I would love nothing more than to find someone online who wants to become a real life sub eventually. But before I continue any further I want to make it clear that I dont need another man in my life. That role has been filled. I want more than anything to have another woman in my life since that void has been there for a long while. So hello to all and I hope to hear something interesting from someone soon!
Aubrey21​(sub female)
3 months ago • Sun 14 Jul 2019 10:01:21 AM IDT

Re: New here

Aubrey21​(sub female) • Sun 14 Jul 2019 10:01:21 AM IDT
Aubrey21 wrote:
Hi everyone! My name's Aubrey I'm a 25 yr old bi sub. This is all very new to me and I'm here to explore, learn and make friends.
2 months ago • Mon 15 Jul 2019 10:29:55 AM IDT
ShieMarie • Mon 15 Jul 2019 10:29:55 AM IDT
Sunday, July 14th made a week that I've been a member of The Cage community and I'm really grateful for the connections that I've made in such a short amount of time.

With that being said, I'm 'Shie. Pronounced like "she". Newer to the life and growing everyday. My experience is a bit strange in regards to time line, as I have had an online LDR with a submissive man for about 12 years. Yes, that's quite a bit of time, but totally different experience than being together in the flesh and so with that I am rather new to physical aspects of BDSM. I recently (September 2018-April 2019) ended a 3 year relationship. It took the course of the aforementioned months to truly end the relationship. We had discussed BDSM and polyamory. We had engaged in light impact play and ass training, and had made plans to attend local events. He moved in and was a rather pleasurable maid servant and sex slave in my home. However, he was very resistant to growing and I began coming to terms with our incompatibility, thus ending the relationship. My earlier sexual experiences have been vast, but still nothing comparable to what I am seeking in regards to my wants, needs, and personal fantasies.

My hopes are that this community connects me to individuals in a way that leads to further my self discovery and growth in the lifestyle. I've gained a wonderful friend and mentor, but would also hope to have more mentoring from others along the way. Additionally, I'm currently enjoying training a subbie for 24/7 TPE and have my heart set on bringing another into O/our dynamic who is currently going through a vetting and negotiation process.

Thank you for reading! And thank you to those who have made me feel extremely welcomed!
2 months ago • Tue 16 Jul 2019 01:01:45 PM IDT
Villanelle​(staff) • Tue 16 Jul 2019 01:01:45 PM IDT
Thank you for the intros - welcome!
overmyknee​(dom male)
2 months ago • Tue 16 Jul 2019 03:35:44 PM IDT
overmyknee​(dom male) • Tue 16 Jul 2019 03:35:44 PM IDT
Hi I am a 56 year old Male Discplinarian and HoH in the Domestic Discipline lifestyle. I have been in this lifestyle for over 20 years. I reside in Minnesota. The search is on for my TIH. So happy to have found this place.