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I am a STAFF MEMBER at THE CAGE, responsible for site moderation and management, among other things.  

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If you believe a user has violated our rules, please visit their profile and file a confidential report. 

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Questions about billing and technical issues should be directed to my colleague Cage Monkey.  

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About THE CAGE BDSM Community

THE CAGE is run by a passionate group of BDSM enthusiasts, just like you! Some of us you know, others work behind the scenes. Our small team is dedicated to nurturing an inclusive and diverse community, filled with all types of dominants, submissives, genders, and D/s and sexual orientations.

Although we look great for our age, THE CAGE isn't the new kid on the block! Our sister site,, was established in 2003, making us one of the very first (or maybe the first?) BDSM community of its kind. In 2016 we went international, bringing to you.

BDSM and me
Dominant. Feminist. Unavailable.

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