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Jolene​(sub female)
1 month ago • 02/17/2020 12:18 am


Jolene​(sub female) • 02/17/2020 12:18 am
Can anyone explain to me what this is? I've googled it and aside from chasing and scratching, it haven't learned much. What's the allure? What does it look like in and out of the bedroom?


Misterasmodai​(dom male)
1 month ago • 02/17/2020 2:23 am
Misterasmodai​(dom male) • 02/17/2020 2:23 am
Primal is when the participants in a dynamic, or simply play scene, abandon the refinements of civilized humanity in lieu of the bestial simplicity of our more primal nature. The Top will act with seemingly unchecked aggression, raw power, and perhaps a sort of natural predatory cunning (a necessity in my opinion).
The bottom can go multiple routes, perhaps reverting to the fear based instinct of prey for a different sense of domination, or perhaps by fighting back, giving in to their own desire to ‘survive’ the onslaught of the predatory Top.
The allure is in finding a new way to experience Domination and submission by adding this extra element of natural order and ‘life or death’ scenario.
While this may be an extreme explanation, Primal, at its core, is a focus on the actual power of the Top over the bottom and the unbridled display of that power.
Jolene​(sub female)
1 month ago • 02/17/2020 4:10 am
Jolene​(sub female) • 02/17/2020 4:10 am
Sounds intriguing. Thank you for the explanation.
DaddyDrago​(dom male){LilAmethys}
1 month ago • 02/17/2020 10:55 pm
DaddyDrago​(dom male){LilAmethys} • 02/17/2020 10:55 pm
NOT written by me. Unfortunately I do not know who the author is on this particular post.

I tried to keep this light hearted and humorous so please. What I say here is not to insult or hurt anyone’s feelings. When writing this piece I find myself quiet passionate raw and emotional. I share that side of me because it’s who I am. It’s what a primal is. People even in the lifestyle think they know what a primal is. You will never know unless you are primal yourself. All we can do is simply share experience feelings or educate. The primal is the raw faction of bdsm. If after reading this if you truly think you are, then good on you. I can generally sense when I’m in the presence of someone who has tendencies or who is true.

Here are the more defined millennial titles
Dom category:
- Hunter
- Owner
- Alpha
- Predator (most common)

Sub category:
- Alpha
- Mate

So who said I forgot Prey since it’s the most commonly believed submissive to a predator. I did that on purpose. Prey is what you hunt and eat. You play with prey. Prey is food and food is to be consumed. You put prey in front of a starving wolf and he won’t fuck it. He will rip it apart and devour it until he’s cracking bones.

I also didn’t include Pet. For primal’s you pet a pet, you may include a unicorn in the dynamic but they will never be or have the stature of a mate. Did you see that video of the man and the squirrel. So fucking cute and then the woman is screaming in the background (it was ghastly) and the cat legs it to the tree and snatches the squirrel. Damn, bye bye pet squirrel.
A mate, I actually have yet to hear this term. Probably because I haven’t met many primal’s online since most keep to themselves. So a mate you fuck and you fuck that mate like the most precious thing on the planet. The relationship is based on a mating. Throw in breeding and Pat I’ll answer! “One big fucking happy family”. You want to throw in polygamy. Well one of your mates will be alpha like you. Submissive no less. You fuck them all. You breed them all. There’s your pack. Let’s go hunting kids.

Don’t get me wrong not all primal’s are poly. In fact 50% don’t want anyone but the dominant or submissive they are with, and although they aren’t jealous they are very possessive and territorial. I’m that way I admit it.

10 fetishes primals may enjoy (this was random)
1. Ravage animalistic play (form of CNC)
2. Resistance play
3. Pursuit and takedown (hunting)
4. Outdoor bondage
5. Collar and leash
6. Pet Play
7. Verbal humiliation, degrading or the opposite verbal praise and gratitude
8. Breeding
9. Mind fucking
10. Impact play
11. Knife play (with or without blood)
12. APE (Absolute Power Exchange)
13. Edge play
14. Play punishment
15. Fear play

Primal’s and relationships
Sadist + primal - unless the sadist has primal tendencies this relationship is doomed to fail. Why? Because the sadists emotions unless primal is too negative especially for a submissive who is controlled by deep pure emotions of sensuality.

Master/Slave + primal - potential one of the better matches but again unless the Master has strong primal tendencies this relationship may abruptly stop. For a master this may be overwhelming if his slave doesn’t show a primal emotional response.

Daddy/brats/rope bunnies + primal - hit or miss. Daddy primals are actually quiet common but tend to gravitate to brats and rope bunnies. It’s about the hunt or the fight. Though like I said they are very emotional unfortunately little/middles give the wrong emotion for a successful relationship. Daddy doms encountering a alpha sub. Mmmm can be very messy if the dominant doesn’t have primal tendencies.

Primal + Switch - fail. Complete and utter fail. This is probably when a dominant primal may actually turn around and say, “fuck you later”. I’d get more colourful here but this isn’t to humiliate or degrade anyone I assure you.

Primal + Primal - success as long as this is tended too and nurtured in the correct way. 9/10 the connection is so natural that you instinctively slip into it and boom. Sorry you said your not on birth control? I’m still going to fucking breed you. I’m kidding I’m kidding but you get the jist.

Primal to masochist - success within reason of course. If she’s a pain slut or slave she may enjoy the presence of a primal but if the masochistic need is extremely hard and the primal is more sensual well fuck that’s a pairing that will crash and burn.

Primal protectors

We are protectors first. Regardless if you’re in a dynamic with one or not. If a primal offers you protection and this is to subs who aren’t in a dynamic with one: they mean to offer just that. NO SEX! When a primal is protecting a sub it’s actually equivalent to a protection collar. Did I say NO SEX! This is warning to other dominants that the submissive isn’t ready for a relationship just yet or that the submissive has gone through such trauma that their primal protector is essentially vetting for or assisting them with making a sound decision. Do not confuse a primal with a daddy here. We don’t need that tendency for deep emotions to protect.

Primal vs Primal play

Now being primal one may enjoy primal play. Wrong. For most true Primal’s they aren’t playing. Primal play is like two animals frolicking and playing. Teasing and taunting. Primal sex is not play. It’s emotional. It’s real, honest extreme making out and/or fucking.

Heart racing, lips quivering, a growl, a cry, a tear. An animalistic haunting scream. Primal people are very aware of the risks, the gray areas, and the fact that harm may happen if one takes things too far. The intention is not to hurt anyone but we’re cool with the fact that hurt may happen in the process. As a sadist I welcome it. The oversensitive and those who need a contract should not venture into our world. They should go “play” with people interested in “playing”.

Primal’s and the intimate connection

In my case, being sadistic, my spectrum of enjoyment extends, however for a primal it’s all about the natural raw feelings and actions. These can be instigated and triggered by natural impulses and urges. In this moment everything may be disregarded and the need to devour may take hold. I’m not talking about vore (to fantasize about eating someone), but to lick, bite, suck and crush your partner to you. For complete APE. But we also may carry a shell in the vanilla world that emits deep emotional being sexual desires can range from happiness, sadness, playfulness, silliness, empathy, joy. Emotions just tend to be more amplified. For a primal and I’ve said this before about my sub, her safety and comfort is my priority.

Primal relationships between the hunter and mate opens the door to a place where the submissive can truly be free and let go of any inhibitions involving sensual or forced play with the Adam and Eve concept. Naked, nails, hair, teeth, skin. This form of label generally has little to no protocols. It’s all about going back to the primitive animal. One may ask: as a primal what animal calls out to you? You don’t need an animal calling but I hear wolf which is common, feline and bear. Sometimes I think little Kitsu can be a snake the way she squints her eyes and looks at me but her movement is very feline like our five miniature panthers. Fighting and animal tendencies are huge for primal’s but in a dynamic between two, it’s so important that communication is clear for safe play. It’s all about pure instinct in a primal state. Picking her up and kissing her against the glass door pinning her with your body hands pressed firmly above her. When she talks back at you, not thinking but grasping her neck slamming her into the couch. Or after a sweaty explosive intimate moment where you just have to lick every inch of her. Taste the salt and sweet and know she did that for you. High level of trust between two primal’s is crucial.
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1 month ago • 02/18/2020 3:22 am
Bunnie • 02/18/2020 3:22 am
@ Drago,

great share, thank you.
1 month ago • 02/18/2020 1:18 pm
WolfeHammer • 02/18/2020 1:18 pm
I always like to explain it as going back to your animal instincts and just going by what drives you. Be it catching your prey and throwing or moving them around to where you want them and doing to them what you want and need. From biting and scratching and growling. As I tend to be very non verbal when in my primal state. But each primal is different.