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Alpha Wolfe
2 years ago • Sep 27, 2020


Alpha Wolfe • Sep 27, 2020
I've been listening to music today for a few hours now, switching between some favourite artists and albums, and it made me wonder. What music do y'all listen to, if at all?

Do you like music? Yes or no?
What kinds of genres do you like and why?
Do you have favourite artists? Who?
Do you just like to listen to random playlists?

For me I am 80% a metal head. 19% Rock. 1% other.
I love metal, because it covers so many different styles, and there really is something for everyone. Seriously, search up types of metal music, I'll be here an eternity trying to cover that. Sometimes I listen to the music specifically, finding something more on the sombre side, but then other times wanting to be able to body bang to my hearts content (head banging on steroids). Many times I find myself loving the lyrics for their deep connection to me on a personal level, as sometimes I zone out but happen to hear that one line that makes me think holy shit, that hit hard. I often listen to an artist because of their voice. The music could be average, with lyrics I don't care for, but if they have that voice that's just right, I'll be able to love them.

So yeah, music, yay or nay? Let me know, I'm looking forward to what you have to say icon_smile.gif
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2 years ago • Sep 27, 2020
BigBubbles • Sep 27, 2020
I listen everyday. Always have my earbuds in. I listen to a little bit of everything dependent upon my mood. I played violin as a kid somebody love classical. 80's hair bands I grew up on. 90's hip hop. Love country. Love metal and rock. Slipknot and Shinedown top 2 favs. I know Slipknot is considered Nu- metal but to me metal is metal. Overall favorite artist is Pink. Like pop stuff. Instrumental music I like. And love Christmas music. Several individuals I like Demi Lovato, , The Weekend, Halsey, Damien Rice, Chris Stapleton , Aaron Lewis, Lewis Capaldi. Sorry could go on forever. Books and music are my things.
2 years ago • Sep 27, 2020
Justme26 • Sep 27, 2020
I listen to music on and off. I like every thing from Bob Dylan, some Jazz, Bluegrass, to Ian Jury and the Specials (please excuse my spelling). A little bit of mettle (a couple of years back I saw Uriah Heep live. They were incredible, but I am too old. I was in pain from standing). Ian Dury used to be my hero but I don't seem to listen to him much any more. I never listen to random play lists because if I hate it, I hate it.
exploringsubmissive​(sub female)
2 years ago • Sep 27, 2020
Music is important to me, but so is silence. I have to have a balance of the two.

When I listen I tend to genre bounce. Sometimes I'm really in the mood for some Halsey and Ed Sheeran, while other times all I want is some Guy Clark to take me back to my childhood. Othertimes all I want to do is sing along at the top of my lungs to some of the Hamilton, or Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack. Or focus with some Clair de Lune.
My rule is if I like it I listen to it. I don't get caught up in what genre it is, or if it's uncool to like something. If I enjoy it I listen. Life is too short to not listen to things you enjoy!
gypsyprincess​(sub female)
2 years ago • Sep 27, 2020
gypsyprincess​(sub female) • Sep 27, 2020
I have to have some kind of music going on in the background or I can't focus. Its all mood based as well. Super sad music when I'm bummed out, pop when I need energy, any guitar based when I want to mellow. Foo Fighters and Black Keys are always a go too. Ive been really into this duo Oh Wonder lately. Cant say I love country but I love the sound of Chris Stapeltons voice.
WyteTiger​(dom gender fluid){JuicyJess}
2 years ago • Sep 27, 2020
I listen to and like a little bit of everything except oprah, from classical to rap, country to metal, blues to nightcore, my liked music playlist can take you on an emotional journey of highs to lows and back again in another 4 minutes

I consider symphonic metal and nightcore to be probably my top 2 sub-genres, absolutely love nightwish for symphonic metal, and nightcore almost always helps keep things high energy, some people are bothered by the younger sounding vocals, but i think they are adorable

Newest music craving:
creature - jelly roll

A few recurring favorites:
Crimson bow and arrow - johnathan young
Must be nice - nickelback
Wreak havoc - skylar gray
Love bites (but so do i) - halestorm
Wishmaster - nightwish
The river flows in you - (cant remember author but beautiful piano song you can get lost listening to)
Monster - skrillex
Warrior - disturbd

(Not listing nightcore as most are remixes of other songs already)

Also: if you were to post this on a different day with a different personality answering some songs will rotate out and in, my female personality especially brings alot of spanish music into the list of my recurring favorites.
kajirasubm{On Hiatus }
2 years ago • Sep 28, 2020
kajirasubm{On Hiatus } • Sep 28, 2020
What would our lives be without music?
I saturate myself everyday with music.
5000 songs live in my ipod * yes, ipod.
I know everyone of them.

Every genre, and sub genre.

But Bob Marley and Christmas music, got me through the darkest days of the pandemic in New York City.
2 years ago • Oct 5, 2020
truckstopjunkie • Oct 5, 2020
WASSUP: Jelly Roll and Lil Wyte
2 years ago • Oct 5, 2020
truckstopjunkie • Oct 5, 2020
WASSUP: Jelly Roll and Lil Wyte
Dont hold back , Demon Jones
2 years ago • Oct 5, 2020
Low{BLK OWND} • Oct 5, 2020
I go everywhere musically
From Nine inch Nails to Nina Simone