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What do you think about Japanese kinky?

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Miki​(masochist female)
2 weeks ago • 04/05/2021 6:04 pm
Miki​(masochist female) • 04/05/2021 6:04 pm
Hey Zoodles Noodles!!

I was born here in the States as were my parents. But even still, the traditions are deep and abiding. I didn't want to learn Japanese because I didn't want to conform to everything being breathed at me. Besides, as I only went there once, a work trip that had me doing what women are "best" at over there-- polishing tea sets as the Men talked--- I have no intention of going back, even though a good chunk of my clan is out there.

They may be related but they don't know me from a hole in the wall, so why bother?

I guess I'll stuff that scribble into a Google translator and see what it spits out.

SubtleHush​(sub female)
2 weeks ago • 04/07/2021 5:34 pm
SubtleHush​(sub female) • 04/07/2021 5:34 pm
I studied Deafness and Deaf culture for 3 years for the Interpreting for the Deaf program I was in. We socialized at many Deaf events as part of our language studies. What I saw were many varieties of couple combinations. What united them were Deafness and Deaf culture. Then other factors such as race, religion, country of orientation fell in where they fell in to varying degrees.

Some Lifestyle (kink, BDSM, power exchange etc) people value that first so here again you see many variations of couples or groups.

If you are clear on your core values you will find others who match that. But it will be harder the more specific you are. Once you click with someone, however, it can be very good.

As for me, I'm more interested in being around welcoming people and those I have things in common with as opposed to what you describe.
I will add although I don't know as much about now, I've always heard that Japanese kink activities were much more extreme than the US variety.
BNJRDSL​(dom male)
2 weeks ago • 04/08/2021 4:14 am
BNJRDSL​(dom male) • 04/08/2021 4:14 am
I think you will be fine
there are many places and people around the world that will accept you for who you are! And, those are the people to be around!

Just my thoughts
dom daddie​(dom male)
2 weeks ago • 04/08/2021 8:56 am

Japanese kinky

dom daddie​(dom male) • 04/08/2021 8:56 am
I think the Japanese wrote the book on kinky. PS Japanese women are lovely.