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rapidlyhip​(switch male)
1 year ago • Apr 25, 2021
rapidlyhip​(switch male) • Apr 25, 2021
I’ve been in online D/s for many years and can definitely give you some tips. If you prefer to message privately I’m happy to do so.

What I will tell you though is you need to make conversations happen. Just going back and forth with messages doesn’t do enough. You need to be able to perform and her see you live.
MisterAshmodai​(dom male)
1 year ago • Apr 25, 2021
MisterAshmodai​(dom male) • Apr 25, 2021
What’s a reward without the risk?

A decade of semi-public play in one of the largest metropolitan centers in the country and I am still not a sex offender, registered or otherwise.

Miki is correct though, in that you definitely need to be diligent and smart about what you are doing.
SubGuyCa​(sub male)
1 year ago • Apr 25, 2021
SubGuyCa​(sub male) • Apr 25, 2021
For the submissive, its an opportunity to go the extra mile in demonstrating obedience. You can embellish your assignments, show that you've done/endured more than ordered.

The subspace of obeying "on one's honor" is exhilarating!