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I am polyamorous, though I do not currently have a primary partner. My partners all have other partners and we work together to have an amazing and mature situation. This will not change. Any prospective partner must be able to respect this. It is not the time you spend, but how you spend it; and I spend mine well.

I have a particular disdain for insecure Doms. Bear this in mind if you approach with any undeveloped poly aspirations.

Cerebral beast

In my vanilla life, I am successful, intelligent, adventurous, and perpetually curious. I am very liberal and an ally to infinite genders and sexualities, races, and the entire human spectrum. I tend to be doting and prefer to be laughing, despite presenting as very flat affect. I have advanced education in engineering and medical science, pure mathematics, philosophy, and geography. I stay in shape through daily workouts (heavy mobile lifting), conscientious eating habits, and generally staying active. I wear my hair long and flowing, and I alternate between stubbly shaven and fully bearded. I prefer to be outside, but I am very averse to being unnecessarily dirty.

I am an occultist and will elaborate more to anyone interested. I play music, enjoy the study of cultural mythologies, and appreciate the finer things in life. I am not a sugar daddy, but I enjoy having and spending money, especially towards kinky pursuits.

BDSM and me

I am a pretty natural Daddy type, but prefer a playfully sadistic or fully Primal approach to my play. I have high, emotionally mature masculine energy. My experience is varied and extensive both solo and as a member of the greater community. I have in depth experience with many forms that would be considered extreme play. I travel to visit my subs and play partners.
I have an affinity for role play and prefer the authoritarian approach. I love harnesses (rope, leather, chain), plugs, clamps, all sorts of impact play, creative pain play and punishment, games, predicaments, bathing and body worship, and ritual play.

If you are interested in speaking to me and are not premium, like my profile and I will start the messaging.
At this time, I am interested solely in a potential sub or slave, or a recurring play partner, who takes care of themselves and wishes to broaden their experience with kink. Any experience level is acceptable as long as you come with an open mind. I prefer masochists, slaves, and subs.
I am uninterested in babygirls or overly ‘little’ types.

I am uninterested in submitting, though I will occasionally have my subs perform certain pain play on me. -CBT -Breeding -Scat Play -Rainbow Play -Bugchasing
I am uninterested in anyone who limits their future because of their past. I understand trauma and I understand fear. I also understand correcting the failures of whatever inferior people you have dealt with in the past. If you have had a bad experience, allow me to provide a better experience.
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Currently looking for a new sub or play partner.
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Dec 5, 2021
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Jun 18, 2020
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