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Golden showers

InYourHead​(dom male)
2 years ago • Apr 5, 2022

Re: Golden showers

InYourHead​(dom male) • Apr 5, 2022
dom daddie wrote:
I like to piss on my sub, when i know i got a strong piss i would like to know, how you ladies feel about this. Is it a turn on or a turn off. Ps i am talking about a full body golden shower.

I agree. I enjoy giving these as well, and Its one of my biggest kinks. Its good to see the replies. Nice to know how others view the showers.
Noire{Owned (NH)}
2 years ago • Apr 6, 2022
Noire{Owned (NH)} • Apr 6, 2022
Agh well…

I do not mind receiving/giving a golden shower. It wasn’t a kink that I ever thought I would be interested in. But my eyes have been opened by the arousal/primal side to it. I do have my boundaries though. There is nothing worse then receiving a golden shower from someone who doesn’t drink their water…

So being hydrated before ply time is always highly recommended for both people. Other than that I do not mind participating. 🥰
2 years ago • Apr 25, 2022
gljcleeve • Apr 25, 2022
I've heard that it's highly erotic and have wanted to try it for some time.
elclaytosupremo{Willing to}
2 years ago • Apr 25, 2022
elclaytosupremo{Willing to} • Apr 25, 2022
I have noticed that a submissive is much more humble after a golden shower. That and making them do #2 in front of you, having a bowl for them to pee into....
1 year ago • Feb 28, 2023
OwnedHouseslut • Feb 28, 2023
Master E has done this to me- when I was in the shower- marking his territory i guess. It was hot when he did it and he has only done it once.
1 year ago • Mar 1, 2023
autisticbarbie • Mar 1, 2023
Not anti but that will be one hell of a negotiation. May need to hire counsel. Maybe not though.
SirTOuTOO​(dom male){~ 2u2 ~}
1 year ago • Mar 4, 2023
Wine of the 'gods'
- I have found the FRENCH,... are very into/open to 'golden showers'.
- However, ... even they, ( and few Brazilians) ever openly 'ASK or HINT' towards the wish for it to happen,... BUT, they do get a kick out of it when it happens under (-pun) the right circumstances.