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RoseUndressed​(sub female)
2 months ago • May 2, 2022
I have quite a lingerie addiction and love a harness as much as I do a lace body or baby doll. For me, the lingerie needs to fit my mood. However, my most treasured piece is a vintage silk and sheer lace nightgown by Diane Von Furstenberg. I love how demure yet revealing it is.

My dream piece is a pair of silk stays with overt bottom tap pants. The ribbons on the stays could make for some interesting play, after being unlaced.
House Talion​(dom male)
2 months ago • May 3, 2022
House Talion​(dom male) • May 3, 2022
I never enjoyed lingerie more than when I dressed as Dr Frankenfuter for Halloween. Shaved my legs and won $100 !
kinkyphilatelist​(sub male){Mistress S}
1 month ago • May 7, 2022
When Mistress puts on her boots and stockings it's all over for me (in the best possible way) - I am putty in her hands. Resistance is futile. I mean, of course I always obey my Mistress anyway but this just takes her authority to the next level and we both love that dynamic.

Often, when we're going out for date nights on the town (nice restaurants, jazz clubs, etc), Mistress will wear boots and patterned pantyhose, fishnets, etc. Absolutely killer. Adding a nice pair of gloves just throws even more gasoline on the fire. We both like to dress to impress when we go out so this is a fun way to take just a hint of our dynamic out into public.
LatexHer​(dom male)
1 month ago • May 8, 2022
LatexHer​(dom male) • May 8, 2022
Preference you ask?

Some enjoy the touch of lace and silk - while others love Leather, Latex, Rope, and Steel! Some ladies and men enjoy corsets, girdles, tight garments, and even costumes!

As an older DOM, I have my personal tastes, for a woman wearing a tight leather corset, with her garters holding up the seamed hose, in high heels under a leather skirt, and a shelf bra with a nice blouse while wearing my collar! Notice I failed to mention panties of any type? As far as TEASING goes as a prelude to mutual enjoyment, a modern well fitted chastity belt locked over her sex and corset is teasing enough. This "outfit" can be enhanced with a plug, or plugs. Modern cell phone-controlled remote vibs also will give her some pleasure - especially if out on the night for dinner or drinks! icon_smile.gif

Yup being a Dom is great with so many loving ladies to get to know!