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Tennessee, United States
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Take some time for yourself Girls
I am a LIFELONG lifestyle Dominant dude seeking a FEMALE play partner. I enjoy female submission, girls in corsets, latex, leather, D/s. B&d, Objectification, tit and pussy torments, Chastity belts, Posture collars, dungeon play, outdoor bondage, degrading, electical play, device bondage, face fucking, pussy training, control, Denial, forced climaxes, just to hit on a few topics. Over the years I have had the pleasure of teaching several women what a mind fuck is all about - along with pain and pleasure. In my vanilla world I enjoy female company, fine wine, great food, cooking, gardening and taking care of a home. I am an avid woodworker who likes building dungeon toys for affluent girls and boys. I have built entire Dungeon for people before, including spanking benches, racks, X crosses, Saint Andrews Crosses, kneelers, stocks, entire post beds, cages, and oh so much more. If you are a natural born Female of legal age and want to learn more about me - once I know that YOU are as real as I, hit me up if your down for it.... Life is short - Don't waste it!
About me
I have now have relocated to eastern Tennessee.   Many years ago I was a photographer engaged in both wedding and erotic studio photography while working at another position.  Throughout the years learned to work in woods, metals and have many friends who love and enjoy my work.  I began writing about two years ago and am delighted to claim to be a published writer and photographer.
BDSM and me
 I  worked part-time for a company known as Centurian Publishing, Garden Grove, Calif.  for a wonderful lady named Barbara Behr. During this time I was attracted to fetish and bondage play.  Without dating myself too much - I made many friends - sadly many are gone!   Later in life, I found my niche which was building dungeon furniture for friends while owning my own  FUNgeon Playspace!  Today I enjoy helping obsequious women to finding and exploring their sexuality.  I have grown to be a Dom to some and a friend to many. About 20 years ago I became friends with Bill Jones, who at that time was the ONLY manufacturer of custom female chastity belts!  Sadly Bill is also now gone!
I enjoy most fetish/bondage play - leather, rubber, hoods, hoods, gags, ropes, chains,  chastity belted females, caging, mummification, breathplay, gas masks, forced climaxes, climax control, some electrical play, device bondage, female submission, slavery, maids, doll, corsets, pet/ponygirls, plugs, fucking machines, FAKE kidnappings, some piercings, fire, ice, wax, face slapping, paddles, spanking, whips, limited adult baby play, and more! 
HARD LIMITS:  Children, scaring, cuttings, hard drugs, INTOXICATED people, Fakes, liars, scat, animals, male/male sex, rape, gangbangs, sex for pay, hangings, starvations, punching, asphyxiation to passing out, and a select few others . 
What's new
Began writing sexual based stories which include FEMALE submission, degradation, objectification, prolonged slavery, sexual service, bondage, fetishes, piercings, forced exercise, pet training, device bondage, fuck machines, and more. 
I am a general contractor who builds basement dungeons playrooms for affluent people.  During the summer months - I enjoy building fine dungeon devices out of wood and metal. I enjoy making friends and attending  D/s shows.
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Aug 6, 2022
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Dec 30, 2017
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