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Profile Pic success?

Meech​(dom male){Looking }
1 month ago • Jul 1, 2022

Profile Pic success?

Hey to anyone who’s gonna read this. Meech here and I’m back with another question. So let me ask this. For those who were at the time looking for either a Sub or Dom. Did your likely ness of finding one increase if you had a profile pic of yourself? The reason I’m asking is because while I do want to post a profile pic of myself I just don’t want to have to deal with any weirdos. Any suggestions?
Secret Mind​(sadist male)
1 month ago • Jul 1, 2022
Secret Mind​(sadist male) • Jul 1, 2022
If you're looking for a genuine connection, then you not only have to be your true self but also show your true self.
No matter what you do or say, your going to get "weirdos".
Yes, the likelihood of finding someone goes way up if you have a picture of yourself up. They no longer have to question or worry about what you look like because they can see it right there and then.
Plus it stops from wasting time from messaging back and forth with someone for days only to find out that your both not sexually attracted to each other.
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Sasa​(dom female)
1 month ago • Jul 1, 2022
Sasa​(dom female) • Jul 1, 2022
We're all weirdos for someone, lol ... and yes, they will find you.
Pictures are helpful. I want to see the face and show mine... and I'm talking about a fresh picture. Not something from a business shooting 5 years ago. 😉 and for sure nothing with an ex-partner, also not half-cut-away. That is a no go for me and happens all the time.
moll​(other female){owned slav}
1 month ago • Jul 1, 2022
Weirdos? I'm curious to what your definition of "weirdos" happens to be. You are on a site for people who enjoy getting beaten, enjoy doing the beating, want their lives controlled by another, want to control the life of another, etc etc etc. So "weirdo" is rather a subjective term.

But more than anything, people are going to read what you write and, IMO, if you keep using terms like "weirdo," you are going to turn a lot of potential partners off. Those people are going to wonder if you are going to think that their kink makes them a "weirdo."
1 month ago • Jul 1, 2022
Bunnie • Jul 1, 2022
Does the likelihood of meeting someone increase by having a profile pic?
Good question. This probably differs a lot for males and females. And perhaps also Dominants and submissives.
Would it increase the chances of finding your “one” though? In all honesty, I don’t know. I had an actual picture of myself somewhere at some time, and it certainly increased my level of unwanted attention. So I decided very early to not show any part of myself beyond words. Occasionally I have shared a pic here and there in blogs, but not on my profile and certainly not my profile picture. But that’s for my own weirdo reasons icon_wink.gif I have a bit of an aversion to our beliefs as a society around what constitutes beauty, so I tend to have an aversion to comments based on my looks.

Either way, whether you decide to put one up or whether you decided not to… it does still tell something of you. And it does weed you out for others who don’t share that same value, so there’s that.
My motto is, set up your profile however feels right for you… that is how you will find someone who is attracted to who you are… quirks and all icon_smile.gif
alawey​(sub female){(OWNED BY }
1 month ago • Jul 2, 2022
Ummm.. I have read all the replies and can agree with what they have said.

My take on it is that it is totally your choice on to do or not.

But I agree that if you do then you should use a current one of just you. And of you face ( not a random body pic like some have fone in past).

But let me state for the record only for a VERY short time fud I ever have a face pic it my profile and I mean for like only 20 minutes or so. And this was long before bond was here . Do it was the fastest way to show off my latest dye job to friends.

When my Dom ( Wolf) and I started talking back in 2017 neither of us did and actually at this point we still dont. For us it was about forming a friendship which grew in to more . We talked for months before ever sharing pictures . We both look at it as it is what is on the inside. And if that is beautiful and sexy to you. Then the outside will be too. Hopefully that maded sense to you
ursa​(sub female){collared}
1 month ago • Jul 2, 2022
Obviously there are some different opinions here.

My relationship to profiles and photos is closer to Bunnie's:

Bunnie wrote:

Either way, whether you decide to put one up or whether you decided not to… it does still tell something of you. And it does weed you out for others who don’t share that same value, so there’s that.
My motto is, set up your profile however feels right for you… that is how you will find someone who is attracted to who you are… quirks and all icon_smile.gif

Personally, I have an aversion to taking/sharing photos of myself and the comments that those pictures invite, so of course I did not post a picture of myself on here. This worked fine for me as I wanted to meet someone who was more attracted to my words and personality than just my physical body. I happened to luck out and find exactly that - bonus points that my Master and I are also incredibly attracted to eachother's physical bodies once they were shared in photos.

However, I can imagine that for some, the physical attraction does come foremost - and how tragic would it be to feel sparks flying in your dm's, only to eventually have things not work out because, in the end, you just weren't physically attracted to each other?

I would bet that putting up pictures of yourself will probably bring you more attention - from both the right weirdos and the wrong ones, becaue let's face it, we're all weirdos here - but you can decide how necessary that is. My advice would be that it is possible to find potential partners without the profile picture, so if you don't post one, consider sharing photos fairly early in conversation with potential partners, this might lessen the chance of disappointment or feeling like time was "wasted" if you are not mutually attracted to eachother.
1 month ago • Jul 3, 2022
EssenceAmore • Jul 3, 2022
Really up to you photo can help but you don’t have to show your face can be a smile showing the bottom part fully clothed some have done. You can use some art even as long you have permission and transparent over a photo if you want some privacy. I see some people use cartoon and art to describe them self still use first life picture some people use thing called Pixar
T they don’t want someone stalking them. Photo’s show confidence but should be forced over the top this different place not everyone needs to know your full info trust has to be shown over time both ways. Smile helps even eyes the rest could be glared out. One thing if just face photo good if person. Has full clothes body picture cropped ours don’t help I know some are shy best to be yourself wear clothes that fit be well groomed and clean out on good appearance. Try to take photos outside by a window when out and about with people , holding a book or some hobby you like to do. I know bathroom photos are not the best but practice turn your camera towards you on the screen so you know your arm away move it down see how it looks. About 2 pm best time to take photos shows people features and eyes with great lighting. You can look up
YouTube for photo skills and blogs to. Find free app that has different lighting and features but still be yourself but to much photoshop can draw a person gets interested away keep it natural at best. I know some might be in to Boudoir photos but try to keep lingerie not showing the whole body not on bed I just feel these should be shown later still be romantic wear lacy top hold rose or book but the over lingerie photo’s it all then all are can kinda make person look like they are escort Some can take it wrong if you show to much someone can take it run off why I say keep to the imagination show little not all your goods use your mind and charm. Think romantic art is nice don’t get me wrong keep the lingerie photos for later just saying.
Miki​(masochist female)
1 month ago • Jul 4, 2022
Miki​(masochist female) • Jul 4, 2022
I just skipped through the replies on this one and decided to cut to the chase:

Yes a profile pic is beneficial to making connections BUT .. (at the end of everyone is a butt!)

This is not a dating site per se, like Fetlife or whatever and wherever else twisted fucks like us hang out.

However, this site does have a "Personals" section for that purpose.


In summary; yes a profile pic gives any reader an idea of who they're talking to in the Forums..

But if you're so-inclined, it will copy over to whatever you might like to post in Personals.