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Women and men over 65

3 months ago • Sep 5, 2022
I'mME • Sep 5, 2022
HisCora wrote:
I'm 51 and in much better shape than I've ever been before in my life. My sex drive is higher, I'm more flexible, more intellectually active, physically stronger and more energetic, and way more connected with my ability to surrender to the right person. Age is just a number.....and I too get hit up by 25yolds. It's kind of hilarious in a sad sort of way.

Yes the 20 yr olds. Lol. Sometimes I am flattered, sometimes I wonder so they think I have some money and that they can be a kept boy toy of sorts [😂🤣]. That's a good one.
Then sometimes I think they may think is that are older in years but not other ways, not yet, may be desperate, bad word, we are lacking is what they may think and would be happy to have a young man help with that. Or maybe they may have heard how women in their 50's and older can have incredible sex drives...

One of those or maybe a smash up.