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I had written on here that I planned to move to a little town in Spain. My plan is still to live in Spain but perhaps near De Palma which is on the Balearic Islands. In order to boost my income, I researched TEFL certification (Teaching English as Foreign Language) and will get one,  however, I don't want to make a costly mistake. Before settling in Spain,  I would like to travel and teach,  depending on the country's rules. Maybe start in Cambodia
or Vietnam and how awesome would it be to go to Thailand for a few days.

Here is a an idea. Someone that would enjoy traveling abroad together. If I met someone whom was lucky enough to earn my submission, that is has become a very big if, we can discuss what the future holds. I am still a believer.

Descriptive words that have been used to describe me. Good and kind hearted, dirty, loyal, don't take any shit especially off from people that don't know me... Intelligent, stubborn, mean, Stern, talkative (but that is when I am nervous or uncomfortable and not in a growing kind of way, could mean I don't like you or trust you) . 

I'm going to keep this as brief as possible. It it could stretch out into a novel. I love men, I support anybody if I think they are coming from a place of good. I got lax and let my guard down, fuck maybe I will always be doing that. I had previously written it's got to do with having a good heart but I have changed my mind. Everyone starts out the same with me, I give people the benefit of the doubt.  Please don't mistake my kindness as weakness. If I smell something stinky, I will say so and then be done.

Honesty is what I respect.  it's no that I do not want to chat, it's that I am working on being more prompt, as well as a  few other things. (If someone keeps going after I have stated that I'm doing something, that tells me you are not paying attention, you are but do not care what I have said, or some variation of these concepts, you will be talking to empty air) . Telling me to do anything, ordering me to do something, requesting me to do something all fall in the same category of What ? I am not your sub, s-type or anything but a stranger just as you are a stranger to me. We are 2 people chatting because I responded to your message, or I sent you a message. We are two strangers chatting and that is it. That does not impress me it's not Dominant , it's domineering.  Let me repeat this another way, if you approach me with the intent of trying to see how submissive I am, with some type of test,  just give me an F and please keep moving along until you find someone who may be newer or desperate to have someone in their life. It could be they do not understand that they do not have to nor should they let a complete stranger direct anything in their life until they have demonstrated what kind of human being they are. A title is just a word, who someone is inside is what they ARE. 
A good way to get to know me is to be yourself. If that is  someone that keeps distance and coldness as part of your relationship, we will not be compatible. I realize that this was /is one way that people learns Dom should be, I disagree. If one can not control parts of themselves that are needed at different times in a this kind of relationship without being cold and distant then maybe a power exchange relationship should not be a focus. 

During a scene, maybe could be an appropriate time for this behavior, then again under some role play maybe. 

I just do not cotton to Doms that are cold, impersonal, distant, standoffish,  treat me like a bug in petri dish that they are studying, whether it's one, a combination of, or all of them. 

It's not for me, I know from experience that it isn't, and I would hate for someone to waste their time. 

Please be 50 or older,  at the very least no one under 40. 

I'm not a dog so don't tell me you are going to train me. 
I'm not a fan of conditioning , nudge theory , nor hypnosis. I do things because I want to do them, I enjoy doing them. I CAN compromise but that involves  negotiation. 

If you are looking for a house maid, please keep going. I do not mind cleaning and helping around a household, but I do not live to clean. 

I can get biggest down in the details of something and anyone who has cleaned on a regular basis, this is a death trap. I do a good job at whatever I take on in life, but cleaning can take on a. Life of it's own when the person doing it has a tendency towards OCD habits. 

BDSM and me
I am at my best when I am doing for someone, helping them. This does not mean I want to serve you, or him, or that one over there. It's rare that I interact with a man that piques my sub soul.

If you can not have a conversation and answer questions about vanilla stiff, then I'm not interested in speaking about kink stuff. 

I will never let my hair down, reveal, be vulnerable for someone who wants to shroud themselves in mystery. 

Why would I? This type of trust is earned and people can say what they want, but unless a Dom is giving transparency, the same as they expect from their sub,  in some little corner pocket of a subs mind, their is doubt, unless they have been conditioned to something else. 

I don't want a married man.  I do not want to be on someone's list of things to do, I don't want to be number 2 or 3 or 4. 

The more submissive I feel, the more I will give, which requires me needing more from my  Dom. It is the natural way. Sure there are relationships where it's all one sided and sub may seem content, pretty sure the Dom is and that is okay for their dynamic. 
I desire a relationship where I grow and my Dom grows then and we can grow together, I discover new ways to bring him happiness and pleasure there by he is (should) be inspired to keep on his toes in the dynamic. 

It's all a circle , no side. If you don't like circles draw any geometric shape, but my point is no one shape is bigger than the other.  

I'm not sure this makes sense, I will have to read it in a few days. 

It never ceases to amaze me when a man labeling themselves as Dom , Master, etc ask or demand things that I would never do maybe not even if we were together. You see I do not think in terms like that. 

Please if you have preconceived notions of what a sub is, do not stop here, I'm just trying to save some folks their time. You will get exasperated, or angry, or maybe you treat me disrespectfully, I will not put up with that nonsense. ImME, that is my moniker and while I I need to improve in ways, you will not know those ways by chatting with me for 5 minutes.  I don't live in a hive connected at the brain to all other submissives. 

That thinking makes me laugh then it pisses me off. For all the talk and writings that I have encountered where the Dom has insight and will state, I know all subs are not alike. 
Or, I realize that subs are different and individuals or something similar, I find it surprising the number of ones I have encountered that try and put me in their box labeled a sub is or does............ I do not like boxes and I will kick the sides or top off and you may get kicked in the process. 

I am an individual and intelligent. If you do NOT  respect women, or you think women are inferior to you, or you don't have the capability to be friends with me, then I don't have the desire to be ANYTHING with you. I am not being hateful, this is what honesty looks like. 

I understand that people are just people. I do not screw people over, steal, rarely borrow money, these types of things are part of who I am. I don't have to think about them. 

I will speak my piece/peace in a forum discussion, there are a few souls in the Cage that have taken a dislike to it or me or both. 
That is the way people are, I'm good with it. What I am not good with, are those who rewrite my words, and it's obvious that their words change my narrative. This is so disrespectful to the person who wrote the comment, it smacks of the  following attitude..k 

I am right and you did not know or recognize that fact, so I need and will correct you. 

That can be done without changing or bring in words that I never wrote or could it be that I was in the right ball park. There is another pervasive thought process that I have run into. 
It may be that the above is connected to this. It seems that some Doms around the Cage believe it's their purpose, or their right to tell an s-type they are wrong, are too much, or , or, or , or ........

I have experienced this more than once, I have experienced someone with the tilted Dom and sub rewrite my comment . I say what I meant to say. If. I feel as if I made a mistake, I'm not too proud to apologize to someone. I am in touch with that aspect of me. Humbleness and I are not strangers . 
The rest of the time, I'm going to stand up to whomever engages in this type of behavior. I may step into a situation that does not involve me. I have been known to take up for someone. Not as much as I used to, but I still do it sometimes . 

There is something wrong with a person who changes another person's thoughts so that they can have a better agenda. I don't do agendas unless I choose to make that person my agenda. 

I have seen this behavior from both sides of the slash. 

My profile does start with me describing going abroad. I do not have a Dom, I do not see one on the horizon, therefore I am living my life. If someone came/comes along that we connect, then me going abroad should not affect that no more so then where I live now. 

I will say that I have no interest in moving to any cold areas. 
If I can not swim from May till the end of September, (this is an example) then it's not a place I'm going to be happy. I could deal with it  temporarily if I know that the situation will get better.
My kink limits can be discussed with the one who will respect them. The following are things that I can not deal with from anyone, but especially someone who wants my submission:

I erased some of what I had here, it occurred to me that if a person has to read what I had listed in order to say to themselves , hey better not lie or whatever, then we are not compatible.

I will be pondering on some boundaries I have that may be weird or something and list them if I come up with any.
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I have forgiven, that is not to say I may not struggle, but for my peace of mind I have forgiven.
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