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*WELCOME to THE CAGE!* Introduce Yourself Here

1 week ago • Mar 15, 2023
Villanelle​(staff) • Mar 15, 2023
More great intros - thank you everyone and welcome to THE CAGE!
1 week ago • Mar 15, 2023
HydroHook • Mar 15, 2023
Howdy, very new to the lifestyle and dynamics and looking for help becoming more knowledge and open to it. Currently in first dom/sub relationship and really trying to figure things out to ensure my partner is satisfied and safe. Hoping to find advice, resources and possibly mentors to help me be the best I can for my partner.

Any help for a novice is appreciated.
PoppaGarion​(dom male)
1 week ago • Mar 15, 2023
PoppaGarion​(dom male) • Mar 15, 2023
Hello, I'm PoppaGarion... Single male in the UK looking to make friends and maybe find a playmate along the way.
Irish123​(dom male)
1 week ago • Mar 15, 2023
Irish123​(dom male) • Mar 15, 2023
With apologies, it seems I have not done an intro in the long time I have been here.
My name is Irish and I am creeping up on 45 years old. I am Dom to my wife these last five years of our 25 year marriage.
I have been on the site since '19. I am an open book and enjoy talking to others. I am NOT looking for anything other than some friendship. I am happy with what I have while we have issues at times it's nothing we can't handle.
If you are looking for friendship and the like feel friend to check out my profile for more info.
LvIMaskedMinion​(switch male)
1 week ago • Mar 15, 2023
My name is Jorge, am 24 and am new here. I learned about BDSM around the age of 11 and till now is still one the things that has hold my interest for the longest.
I found this page will looking for tips and ideas for a erotic story that i wanted to write jaja, currently i been trying to find places to learn more about bdsm be it from personal experiences or simple ideas or conversation so if you want to talk am all open to speak as much as i can jaja.
Friends and Partners are welcome, i will do my best to give and recieve for you jaja.

EmDizzy​(switch gender queer)
1 week ago • Mar 15, 2023
I am Em aka EmDizzy aka Mx Dizzy. NonBinary, femme presenting, pansexual, polyamorous, and demisexual Princexx. I use they/them pronouns. I found the kink community in the beginning of 2015. I started as a sub and pain slut, swung dominant, and recently determined that I’m not solely a dominant, but a switch (again lol). I’m dominant-leaning but I have always been Daddy’s Little Princess and have begun exploring submissive and bottoming activities again fairly recently. In August 2018, my hubby and I started a kink podcast together called The Kinky Tavern. We've since added a co-host, my partner Allen, and have posted almost 80 episodes. It's been a lot of fun to learn more things and share it with people, plus without a job due to disability, it's become my reason to get up. I am currently diagnosed with ME/CFS, spondylolisthesis (spine defect), severe vitamin D deficiency, PCOS, depression, anxiety, C-PTSD, and borderline personality disorder.
ReiRei​(sub gender queer)
1 week ago • Mar 17, 2023
ReiRei​(sub gender queer) • Mar 17, 2023
Hi my name is Reign. I’m new to this site and looking forward to learning more about bdsm and finding someone to teach me. I’m a little btw
6 days ago • Mar 19, 2023
Villanelle​(staff) • Mar 19, 2023
Great to see so many new introductions! Thank you all and welcome to THE CAGE.
Abyssal Desire​(sub male)
4 days ago • Mar 21, 2023
Abyssal Desire​(sub male) • Mar 21, 2023
Hello, I'm really new to the lifestyle but being here is very exciting so far. I'm finding a wonderful attitude here where everyone is about trust and communication. It's so refreshing it's like all the expectations from the vanilla world are removed and somehow talking is easier. I learned that I'm submissive and so I have started to look for where my place is in this world. Looking into it I've been trying to simply train myself, learn to live and be happy within submission even it it's just to myself. It's been liberating feeling this ability to give up control and just go. I'm hoping to find someone where I can find this dynamic, this kind of trust.