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1 week ago • May 25, 2023
LordofPain56 • May 25, 2023
Yeah, I guess most people don't disclose much of their financial status in their profile, but in my younger days I didn't leave much to the imagination. But now, I'm old and don't care much anymore, so I have a very short profile on here.
My philosophy back then was to include fairly detailed information about my habits, lifestyle, living arrangement, environment, work ethic, character traits (good and bad) and financial status (generally) which has always been in the black since the late '80's after I paid the house off.
That profile never generated any interest that I can recall, but I always thought it was because women didn't like the car I drive. Haha!
RefinedLace​(masochist female)
1 week ago • May 27, 2023
To good to be true would be the fake ones they sweet talk to flashy saying they have this but don't show it , The pictures will look to model like that they stole it from somewhere , They use alot of lower case i and am if the english is not the same then you need to walk away. They will say they love you right away, give some sad story that their partner was killed in an airplane and that they need money. They will try to lure you to give them your personal info. If someone tells you to go to email off this site it's a trap to get your email so they find more about you and see how else they scam you. They will even ask if you go to google hangout. They make excuses that the site messenger is not working, try to go elsewhere, don't fall for it. There also some scammers that like to play tricks with feelings something you also have to watch for they will say you to meet up at their hotel or some where but when you get thier they won't be their best to do voice and cam and exchange photos make sure they say who they are if their voice does not sound like they are from your country they are a scammer alot them will say they are in your states but they are whole another country when things don't add up they don't add up. But you should never meet up at a hotel if a person wants to get to know you needs to be in a public place 2 towns over don't give them your real location, have a friend go with you have them sit at a nearby table, have a plan when you need to walk away if things are not right. If they say their phone is broken why can't they take a photo then just walk away. Some will also use old photos when you go to meet them so they look like someone else why you need to voice and cam first. But also it's about the signs. See how their tone of voice, if they are always in anger they are not for you , If they force you to do things like telling you to get naked do sexual things you don't need to do it the wrong way. Person coming to you telling you to submit right away is also wrong. They should be willing to talk on the phone so that later they do not have to hide or keep it down that they are not hiding anything either. The person will make you feel calm and safe, not a headache. Rgiht one will want to take you out in public not want to hide you take the time to get to know over time take a year to get to know someone. Meet them a few times in a year have a back up plan saved money they should be willing to meet you first but they can meet in public work from thier.

Take what you feel just going to share this not to get on you take with bit of grain of salt , Old fashion of security meant that women just want to feel safe and protected by the leading hand does mean like they have to be most wealthy but atleast have made a life for the submissive to make room for them so she can be the lady of the house and take care of the home. Because someone could be hard working does have to be a desk job but its what your in to. But it does take two to tango good for both to secure their life for themselves at first become the partner you seek. Rely on yourself first work on what you can do. I know one really wants to deal with a bum ya some people get broke but if someone mooches off of you not really showing effect to help or clean that that not love they just use you to burn off you No wants to deal with lazyness no offence. But money is not everything you need to live but two people have to build a life together in team work not about sitting around doing anything looking for a maid each have to do thier share. Men get selective to go both ways. Security to start also for yourself first these secure guys get picky but not all of them are gonna be what you think it is some can be rude over controlling some can be nice.But some even pretend they are secure they living of thier parents credit cards . But to be secure for yourself you become the other half brush up on some little etiquette . confident for yourself loving yourself so you can love another , take care of your temple mind body ands soul and be a good person but speak up. Also what you can bring to the table can you cook , clean , be able to greet them ,Dress up a bit but for yourself and partner. It
can be different depending on what kind of D/s you have. What you both can do one can not do it all takes two people. If you don't know were start creating a nice life for yourself enhance and invest in take a class work on your passion secure your life as well because so you depend on yourself because you don't wanna depend on someone right away because the wrong person can take it away or use in the wrong ways if you have your own you able to walk away get on flight if you meet you know you will be safe. Good to have a plan in life. Know your goals and dreams, take a leap of faith to get to the things you want. Go by blue prints and sweet effect has to be shown don't go by sweet words. Start writing down your goals and dreams allow things to flow. If they don't support your goals and dreams or encourage then they are not right for you.
RefinedLace​(masochist female)
1 week ago • May 28, 2023
But if someone comes off sweet words give you fastasy world story it's a trap you never know they could be living in a shack nothing wrong with that but you person would just force this out thier. Don't move in or relocate to someone right away some will use the trap they are looking for sub to relocate right away if you move in too quick it will be hard to leave they could be over controlling. Right person won't be looking for someone to move in right away because you need to meet in public. Also if your living situation is not that great a family is abusive don't move in with a guy ether best to go to church for help for relief to get on your feet. Someone can make themselves look shiny but not. Does matter what Dom lives in as long he can keep you safe, protect you, treat you right. But I also heard Doms moving in subs so they fell for someone that was not fair to them so good for both Doms and Subs to think before they leap.

Madeline Lost in Paris ( this kind of example someone comes in to Madeline life secure lost relative they were putting on show but hiding things. )

This what someone will day when to good to be true to try to sweet talk you.

Meeting long term 24/7

looking for a long term 24/7 Ms relationship. Just bought a beautiful house in somerset KY and looking for someone to share it with. lets talk.