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2 weeks ago • Sep 19, 2023
badpuppygirl • Sep 19, 2023
Hi, I’m Ailish, a female puppy from Australia. I’m new to bsdm but have had an interest in puppy play for a really long time, just now dipping my toes in.

I’m here to learn more and maybe even find a handler to help train me, though I’ll be moving at my own pace. Also keen to make friends and just chat in general.
2 weeks ago • Sep 19, 2023
farashacaveluv • Sep 19, 2023
Allo. I'm a 40-year-old switch hailing from the US. Here to make comrades and to have great conversations and to give/receive advice. There you have it.
1 week ago • Sep 21, 2023
Villanelle​(staff) • Sep 21, 2023
Welcome Badpuppygirl and Farashacaveluv! Thanks for the intros.
1 week ago • Sep 25, 2023
Villanelle​(staff) • Sep 25, 2023
If you've joined us recently or just haven't gotten around to it, here's the place to introduce yourself!
NicNacNat​(sub gender queer)
1 week ago • Sep 25, 2023
Hello, I’m Nat!
I’ve been doing a lot of reading, research and exploring on my own the past year or so. I joined the cage to make connections with people or resources so I can keep growing. Have a good day all!
janezoe​(sub female)
1 week ago • Sep 26, 2023
janezoe​(sub female) • Sep 26, 2023
Hi I’m Jane, a 33 yr old submissive and I am here to learn, grow, make friends and possibly find a mentor.
nightflower​(sub female)
1 week ago • Sep 27, 2023
nightflower​(sub female) • Sep 27, 2023
Hello everyone, I dont like to share my name so openly, so its just my username for now. But Im 31, I just joined this site on Monday. I am not really new to the information of the lifestyle, but Ive only had one dom but no in person experience. So not new new, but not a lot of experience. Im just here to explore and maybe learn things that I havent learned before, maybe make a some friends or even find a new dom, just seeing how things turn out.
SnowWhiteSubOZ​(sub female){Owned}
1 week ago • Sep 27, 2023

Hi All


41 Y/O hetro/exclusive Slave of Oz. I am in a 24/7 in real life M/s, S/m TAT dynamic with my phenomenal Master, Oz. I am owned and collared. Masochist, Rope Bunny, Service Oriented, Praise Kink centric, Assertive where appropriate submissive.

I love bringing eye opening insight to how healthy an ethical alternative lifestyle is, specifically for s-types.

I am all for community, sharing knowledge, expanding ideals, meeting like minded friends. I love being a ear to talk to, someone to bounce ideals around with, and helping people work though life.

I am a Accredited & Certified Alternative Healing Practitioner with a focus in Alternative Lifestyles, Conflict Resolution and expert commutation , Self Awakening, and Whole Body and Mind Awareness.
5 days ago • Sep 29, 2023
Villanelle​(staff) • Sep 29, 2023
Thank you for the intros! Welcome to THE CAGE!

If you haven't done so yet, the 'Let's Get You Started' section of our Magazine includes useful info for those new to BDSM or those who are simply new to our community: