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2 weeks ago • Nov 12, 2023
Gaylee • Nov 12, 2023
Hi all, I'm Gaylee. Everyone here writes so well it almost makes me nervous to make say my own greetings. I was on The Cage before but have not been on in a very long time. Nor have I had a partner in a very long time for that matter. I'll be in your care going forward.
Filephile​(switch male)
2 weeks ago • Nov 14, 2023
Filephile​(switch male) • Nov 14, 2023
Hi, I’m a very inexperienced guy who just got into this kinda thing from a very complicated relationship and was just looking to see if people could give pointers.

Anyways, just looking on here now and , hot damn there’s a lot of people here, lmao.

Anyway, I don’t really know what to put on here but I guess I should just put out here, I regret nothing lol.
TobyRB​(sub male)
1 week ago • Nov 15, 2023
TobyRB​(sub male) • Nov 15, 2023
Hey iam Toby from Germany and iam here to look for people to Talk and be friends.
Iam a newbie and i has only i few shibari sessions.
Any questions, ask.

Hi, ich bin Toby aus Deutschland und ich bin hier auf der Suche nach netten Leuten zum Quatschen und austauschen und ggf auch Freundschaften.
Ich bin Anfänger und hatte bisher ein paar Shibarisessions.
Ihr habt Fragen das raus damit...

Enela​(sub female)
1 week ago • Nov 18, 2023
Enela​(sub female) • Nov 18, 2023
Hi! I'm Enela and I'm new to The Cage.
I'm 22 years old and I don't even know what to say next ahahaha
I unfortunately don't have experience in this world, but I can say I'm knowledgeable.