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Female Doms - what types of gifts do you like to receive from your male sub?

Nikki at COFA
6 months ago • Nov 9, 2023
Nikki at COFA • Nov 9, 2023
The first and foremost gift is utter devotion which is not primarlily expressed in material things.
Having said that, it is certainly pleasant to receive material things if they are given with the right heart.
It is like an offering to a god. If done with the right heart it is very acceptable, if not, it can lead to condemnation (remember Cain and Abel?).
In that light I do like jewelry, lingerie or gift certificates...

🖤 Nikki
BriarTheKH​(dom trans woman)
1 month ago • Apr 10, 2024
I don't really ask for gifts, other than I'll expect the sub to pay for dinner or the hotel if that comes up (I can't host and I've never had a sub who was able to host himself so hotel it was). I had a sub ask if he should bring champagne and being 20 at the time, I said absolutely not but I would allow him to bring chocolate.
Yeah chocolate and food I guess but I don't require it. I'll take it if it's offered but I don't vibe with demanding gifts. A gift would be the key to the cage.
Lady Kat​(dom female)
1 month ago • Apr 11, 2024
Lady Kat​(dom female) • Apr 11, 2024
Echoing others, gifts are not demanded, that feels gross to me, and I’d prefer any gift be chosen through knowledge of my wants and needs. Observation of my preferences and simply knowing me as a person as well as my role as a dominant Lady.

I like to choose certain things for my self, others I’m delighted to receive, while some things I prefer not to indulge in at all. A submissive who knows me, has a relationship with me strong enough to entertain the idea of gifting me anything would know this.

All of that said, I enjoy experiencing things rather than simple physical objects. And my partner, who also happens to be my submissive, has taken that to heart over the years. Notably one year he gifted me a tattoo appointment for the half sleeve I’d been talking about getting for ages. He knew that’s what I’d enjoy best, and made it happen.

Anyways I hope this helps!
1 month ago • Apr 11, 2024
teezzerplzzer • Apr 11, 2024
Now that was a statement made with honest hart felt meaningful anser not a bunch words that are strung together just to make the point that it's not there way of recovering gifts