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*WELCOME to THE CAGE!* Introduce Yourself Here

crowquil​(dom male)
1 month ago • Apr 11, 2024
crowquil​(dom male) • Apr 11, 2024
Hey, I'm Sean, 36, living in Central NY. Have been a dom in the past and have always been interested in getting back into things. Not 100% sure what I'm looking for here, probably just exploring mostly, but I'm certainly open to making friends or finding a partner. More information on my profile. Feel free to reach out. icon_smile.gif
1 month ago • Apr 13, 2024
stringfellow • Apr 13, 2024
I just joined today, seeking a tall submissive woman for a enjoyable life together. Where we will talk about everything. Communication is the key to a successful LTR.
However you need to enjoy more in life than simply a sexual relationship.
A coming together where trust is earned, a mutual respect for one another. An opportunity to grow together and form a bond that is inseparable. Follow your hearts desire, listen carefully and the truth shall set you free
MountainThinkerr​(dom male)
1 month ago • Apr 14, 2024


[quote="TRANSQUEERwho SERVES"]Hi, I am shelly. I found the site by chance, And hope to meet you.[/quote
I would love to talk to you please check my profile and reach me please thanks]
1 month ago • Apr 15, 2024
Miki • Apr 15, 2024
From a woman who has been a member since end NOV 2017, Welcome to All !!!

There is ample opportunity to "meet" a variety of great people in here especially if you engage on the Forums..

But it's all at your own pace!

Relax, feel free to be yourself, and above all, don't worry! There will be some rough gems on here but this IS a positive community, run by the finest and kindest Site Management I ever knew!!!!

vear​(sub male)
1 month ago • Apr 16, 2024
vear​(sub male) • Apr 16, 2024
I am looking for someone who is looking for a slave, I am interested in a relationship with one partner who will fuck me so that my holes serve him well, I want to start over USA/CANADA, I am healthy.

I like to wear latex, leather women's clothes, for my master I may start taking hormones to be more sissy.

I like being a rubberdoll, sissy, fuck hole, slut, submissive I have several toys: anal plugs, a dildo, a penis cage, clothes, a harness, a pearl.

I am interested in a 24/7 D/S relationship

I am from Europe, more information on my profile. If you are looking for a submissive slave and will take care of me - please contact me 😗
1 month ago • Apr 16, 2024

Re: *WELCOME to THE CAGE!* Introduce Yourself Here

goddesslilsx • Apr 16, 2024

My names lily, I’m 19 and im a domme.
I’m new to the cage after fetlife really didn’t work out for me. At the moment I’m looking for a slave who is obedient and will stay loyal to me and only me.

Would love to get to know some of you better if your a slave/sub so please feel free to message me x icon_smile.gif
1 month ago • Apr 17, 2024
thedomyouneeded • Apr 17, 2024
Hi everyone, I am new to the site and wish I would have found it a long time ago. I was introduced to the concept of being a dom a few years ago, when a girl cleaning my house was intrigued by some of the "accessories" around the house. She said she was submissive and wanted to know if I would dominate her. I never even considered it as an option, but I ended up enjoying it for several years. While I can be an intimidating person at 6'-7", I am an adventurous/curious, and kind person once you get to know me. I am not the angry, humiliating type of dom but can be firm and demanding. I have two sides to my life - career where I have to be very professional and proper, and my personal life where I like to express my wild side (most of my colleagues would never guess what I like to do for fun icon_smile.gif

I have a curiosity for life and exploring all it has to offer- incorporating fun, sex, and experiences everywhere I can. My career requires a lot of traveling, so finding the right person has been a challenge. While it would be great to find someone locally, I have enjoyed being a dom for someone remote, as long as the communication is there (there is something exciting about giving out challenges and tasks).

Here to learn from others, share my knowledge is asked for, and connect with any subs that find my profile intriguing (curious if anyone has any tips for improving it, since I am not very good at the whole profile thing). Looking forward to contributing and learning!
LusNova​(sub male)
1 month ago • Apr 17, 2024
LusNova​(sub male) • Apr 17, 2024
New to Cage and not completely new to BDSM and the kink but maybe not as experienced as some other people. I'm a Sub male in the bedroom and can be out side but pretty easygoing overall. My profile is relatively expensive as too who I am and what I'm interested in, I'm very loyal and very open to discuss things possibly not mentioned on my profile. Looking for a woman to be in a FL relationship with or just a regular regular with a submissive bedroom life. I've been told I'm a good listener.
1 month ago • Apr 20, 2024
Villanelle​(staff) • Apr 20, 2024
Welcome everyone! Thanks for taking the time to say hello.