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Vanilla dating

SageFlame​(sub female)
2 weeks ago • May 13, 2024
SageFlame​(sub female) • May 13, 2024
A few side thoughts:
Though dating is a thing in our modern culture, my experience with it was like pouring milk on toast. Dating is very good for finding out what you Don't want! It was useful for the practice of tuning into my gut. With a submissive heart I want to trust and this energy brought into the dating scene is not a good approach for me. Instead, I became active and active in things that make me feel alive or connected. I have found some sweet authentic connections with a wide variety of people. All of which are platonic. My life is richer. Dating would never have done this for me. IMHO

When your into hang ten a boogie board doesn't cut the mustard but you can find some really cool seashells!
Eveonna​(other female){none}
2 weeks ago • May 16, 2024
It's alright but you need both time and place for it alright to put little but not too much for the right one to understand giving too much. Never had a problem just you don't want to be bothered any more by some don't have to because it takes right of click attraction not just anything. Gotta live in reality at times but has to be respected with D/s bond love and trust not all sexed up but grown and understanding will lead slowly not force things. They Master themself to make room for the other. They invested in learning with experience.
Sir Don​(dom male)
1 week ago • May 16, 2024
Sir Don​(dom male) • May 16, 2024
My thoughts are I could do vanilla dating but I don't want all vanilla. So that will not work for me as I choose to live the lifestyle 24/7 as much as possible. Want to be in a dynamic with one that blends with me. I know that it will have its moments of the vanilla side.
To answer your question, I think it depends on what you want and what you need to fulfill your own needs.
If you date for a specific need then you date accordingly
Just my opinion
1 week ago • May 21, 2024

Re: Vanilla dating

mau • May 21, 2024
Sub Baby Love wrote:
Why is vanilla dating so hard for people who’s nature is a to be in a dynamic? Yea I know that seems like a silly question… but dating anywhere is just not easy. I have a little side that certainly feels 100x more comfortable on the cage, but falls victim to vanilla dating sometimes lol… what’s everyone’s perspective on doing both vanilla and bdsm dating communities?
Oh and if y’all know what I mean, how hard is it to find someone in vanilla world that knows what they want or wants long term?
Just stuff I’ve been thinking lately… xoxo to everyone icon_smile.gif

Vanilla dating can be a bit tricky. As always I make sure I really like the guy before I admit my feelings. Before that, I take note on how he has reacted to me admitting my kinks. Most times they laugh because of my honesty, or get weirded out. In either situation I’ll ask if they have their own kinks or curiosities, their attitude towards the topic helps me decide if I’m staying or not. Some dudes will act like they’re into similar stuff (maybe to lead me on, every brain is its own world ofc), but proceed to laugh at / ignore future curiosities of mine. If I really like a guy who doesn’t wanna explore kinks (and is honest about it), I’ve stayed, focusing on our romantic moments, but felt sad about it every now and then.

*I don’t have much experience so advice on anything is always appreciated. Thanks for sharing <3