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Don't be discouraged by distance. Message me and we'll talk
I am looking to establish a lifestyle household that enables us to live a life spending less time working and more time on leisure: fun, travel, and of course kink. There are so many elements to life that can be enhanced by the right d/s dynamic. I don't have the character limit to get into it on an ad, so be sure to read my profile if you're interested and want to learn more about me, my goals, how we can achieve them through bdsm, and where you might fit in all this I am open to mono or non-mono, sexual or non-sexual, and all kinds of lifestyles and fetishes. Slaves, switches, exhibitionists, primal, sex workers, tpe lifestyle slaves, caregivers, kajiras, pets, dolls, objects are all welcome and encouraged. Even men if they can respect my non-sexuality for them and Dommes if interested in a Dom-Domme dynamic. Anything not mentioned, I am open to conversation If you're interested you can send me a message or love my profile. Make your interests visible and we'll talk
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Young professional recently moved to Florida. Your typical stable job, "safe" guy with ambitious goals, a penchant for alt/e-girl aesthetics, bondage, cosplays and fetishwear, hanging out with bad bitches, and 24/7 tpe, and has a streak as an unapologetically kink-centered deviant. Usually in chat. I finally decided to invest in a premium so you can message me, and I can message you, still not my preference messaging first though. Not shy, I just think you're probably already inundated in largely unwanted male attention without me throwing my hat in to get lost in a sea of dick pics and exhausting "on your knees slut" one-liners lol. And if you like an ad and see me in chat, this is your invite to send a dm too. If you read on and my vision resonates you, then I definitely want to hear from you, provided you could stomach living in Florida for a year or two until we can move
BDSM and me
*I may consider the right female partner if they are from another country, but I will only consider males that are US citizens or can become US citizens. I cannot sponsor you with the nature of my telework job*

BDSM is so much more than just kinky sex. BDSM is the gateway, the thing that makes everything else possible. The service oriented aspects, fun and amusement, camaraderie of a household unit, the goals and better life they can achieve, and the structure it provides to those needing it. The kind of power exchange dynamic that promotes the division of life's labors to elevate the household to financial freedom and relief of stresses of everyday life that enable us to focus the rest of our lives on fun, body/health, travel, kink, friends and family, and each other. That's the kind of life I want to build eventually, and it is through BDSM that it really becomes possible. To be head of house and lead the submissive in service to me improving my quality of life, on the agreement that it in turn improves her as well as Doms bring up their subs with them as part of the house.

In this lifestyle, I am looking for a mix of services practical and satisfying my kink interests: 

- Domestic servitude. The staple of course. Providing domestic routines to maintain the house, nutrition, and provide other conveniences frees time and burden to enable me to use that time in other ways

- Wardrobe control and dress-up assignments. Someone who puts in the effort to dress cute and occasionally slutty for me everyday brings me an indescribable joy, and I love seeing the creativity in the outfits people come up with. I would want someone I can collaborate with to put together a wardrobe of leather, latex, aesthetics/styles, costumes, even cosplays are possible, and would be assigned tasks to dress according to a given theme or including an accessory. Then it would be up to them to put together the clothes, hair and makeup

-Skill building. Submissives means extra brains, people to learn additional skills I do not have the time for otherwise and report to me for how we may use them: things like beauty, finance and venture capitalism, content creation, interior design, etc.

- Practice/play partner. Taking you to events/classes in the local bdsm communities, practicing and experimenting at home with bondage, CNC, breath play, implements in impact, electro, hot/cold, any other lifestyle interest you might have. Plus we can tie each other up lol I am an absolute fiend for bondage, CNC, and primal

- Protocols. I prefer higher protocols. I enjoy much of the conduct of various lifestyles and borrow from them. Things like kajira's code of conduct, tpe, or open to deeper roles people crave like bimbo, dolls, or objects

- Sensation play. All kinds of sensations from pleasure to tease, denial, pain, a little intimidation, nervousness, excitement, anticipation, frustration, hot, cold, and helplessness just off the top of my head.

Someone who knows I can be an asshole tease, but deep down I truly cherish the things they do for me

...and even moreso the things they let me do to them lol

I am not fully certain what final form this household takes, but I am open and excited to see what comes of it. I am open to the idea of an "all-in-one" slave that together we can do it all and have this dynamic. I'm open to a being part of a couple owning a slave. I'm even open to a tribe or discussing other ideas, mono or poly, sexual or non; as long as it meets my goals sooner than later, and everyone is on the same page, I won't really sweat the details on how we got there.

I have been in this lifestyle since experimenting with self bondage at the age of 13 and tying and gagging the neighbor girl in our pretend games since much younger, so nearly two decades. I enjoyed both aspects of it and that pretty much molded my entire lifestyle view. In that time, I have self explored, engaged in kink relationships, play, munches, and community events, and networked with all manners of kinksters my age and mature, domme and submissive, to build my experiences and skills, and I am finally ready and able to pursue creating my ideal lifestyle. 

My income allows me to discuss relocation, so don't be concerned about distance in reaching out. We would do sfw/casual videocalls on snap/discord, just talk, move to some protocols, plan visits, etc. I would not ask you to make a near permanent decision like moving until you felt like it really is what you wanted.
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What's new
(6/5/2022) Well, I have been deemed worthy of random acts of patronage online, so that's new lol I am finally moved into my new house, just setting it up now. Bought a washer/dryer, a desk, still getting a large fridge, PC, rebuilding my home gym, etc. So no more sharing walls with people, I finally have the privacy to explore kink in the comfort of my home ?  I work from home as an engineer, so I am never far and could session all hours of the day lol. In addition, I can work remote, meaning I can work and travel. All I need is my laptop and a private wpa2 encrypted high speed internet (your typical private network). There may be restrictions with working internationally though.

(12/15/22) Recently I was networking in South FL communities and was going to meet a couple riggers to possibly get lessons from them, but I suffered a fairly significant injury that will take months to recover from, so I guess I'm on a hiatus for now lol

(5/23/23) Been recovering all year pretty much, and I'm starting to get back into the lifestyle, slowly.

(6/1/23) First of the month, decided to buy premium.

(7/10/23) Plotting my next move (that's not some corny tactile Dom verbiage, I mean literally moving myself somewhere else). Need to be close to a tech market: probably between SF, SD, and NYC. Chicago is also an outside possibility, but I've never been there/not sure about resale value outside of moving to the coast. Not able to get my million dollar home near SF yet.
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