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Is it needed to tell me that you're a nice guy?

5 months ago • Dec 20, 2023
TwinkleEyes • Dec 20, 2023
I find nice guys are the scariest. Their real agenda is hidden…. One of the “nice guy” here kept offering me a spanking for a BG and another did non consensual stuff to me.

If prefer the ones who are straight up about wanting sex or a dynamic. At least they are up front and honest. I know most submissive don’t.

The trauma stories that are told to me are about the “nice guy”.
Cognizant​(sadist male)
5 months ago • Dec 20, 2023
Cognizant​(sadist male) • Dec 20, 2023
All humans are complicated in that we often put on masks, different masks depending on who we are engaging or how we want to appear to a specific other(s). Actions speak much louder than words. . .but often people will be on their best behavior when meeting people for the first time or even over long periods of time. As far as online goes. . .it's hard to believe someone is a nice guy if their messaging seems pushy , rude or violates your trust or consent.
Irish123​(dom male)
5 days ago • Jun 10, 2024
Irish123​(dom male) • Jun 10, 2024
I always felt if they say it the ain't it. I have found it to be true far to often, sadly.
intenseoldman​(dom male)
5 days ago • Jun 10, 2024
intenseoldman​(dom male) • Jun 10, 2024
First of all, I shouldn't find someone like that amusing, but yeah... guilty.

Second, nice is a pretty low bar. Used car salesmen are nice. So is my dog. Hello...

Last but not least. If you have to say you're nice, safe, and sane, repeatedly, you're definitely not. Run for the hills.
WhatamIfightingfor​(dom male)
5 days ago • Jun 10, 2024
An old saying "be wary of the quite ones" and anther thing I have heard often "he seemed so well adjusted, till I read his writting" and "he is the nicest person I know and he writes the scariest stuff I have ever read", if they have to lie about who they are be afraid, if they get along well, and have accpted and do not let it run them their dark side they are good to be around.