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Idaho, United States
About me
I'm artistic, outgoing, social, with many hobbies and interests. A fit person, I care about my own heath and try as much as possible to be physically active. I'm Into hiking, mountain biking, exploring the outdoors, and adventuring. I have a professional job, own a home and am financially stable with little baggage. As far as "the Scene" I've been into kink and BDSM for a while but there is a lack of compatible play partners in my town, to the point where I've been resigned to dating in the vanilla world- which is fine although there is something missing.
BDSM and me
I've had experiences with professional female dominants, and while that was exciting, thrilling and erotic, in the end, it left me unsatisfied. I'm looking for something more meaningful and lasting, with a mutual, loving, romantic relationship. Ideally this would incorporates kink and female dominance, but the main thing is a loving stable relationship. Where we can share companionship, love, adventure, and friendship outside of mutual kink, and where She might be the dominant one in the bedroom and in the relationship, but where we can also grow together as a couple. I'm looking for submission, but above all, romance and companionship, rather than just full time slavery.
Drugs- any hard drugs or substance abuse. I'm not into anything illegal or unethical. As far as "Activities," I'm not into sounding (hard limit) Low tolerance for electrical play, and not into anything that would permanently modify or damage my body- light to moderate corporal is okay, branding, castration, etc is not.
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May 20, 2021
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May 20, 2021
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