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My babygirl

KarterCummings​(dom female){YESS}
6 years ago • Mar 30, 2017

My babygirl

I have my eyes on this babygirl and I just know shes mine. It's magical.
What is a good way to introduce her to the lifestyle?
Babygirl is mad a daddy right now. I'm not playing into it but all I can think about is
Tying her up and spanking her.. too aggressive?
6 years ago • Mar 30, 2017
Villanelle​(staff) • Mar 30, 2017
If you've never done any play or discussed this with her, I'd say talking about it would be a good place to start. There's some powerful headtripping that happens with a daddy/mommy & babygirl/boy dynamic so I would think a clearheaded conversation outside of those roles is necessary. After you both feel comfortable I think spanking is a good type of introductory play, just make sure to educate yourself about where to spank (buttocks - yes, kidneys - no) and the impact of different implements. Your hand is a great first tool. There are some fun introductory spanking videos on youtube as well that give advice on technique and safety that might be a fun thing to explore together.

As for bondage, you really do need to take some time and learn about pressure points, what type of bindings to use and how to use them. Again, youtube is a good starting resource. Hopefully others will chime in with further suggestions.

Sounds like you have some fun roleplay ahead ! I hope I haven't put you off with the practical talk - because all of this stuff is fantastic adult play and I hope you have a wonderful time with it. Let us know how it goes!
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KarterCummings​(dom female){YESS}
6 years ago • Mar 30, 2017
You didn't put me off at all. I am glad you responded.

I was thinking tie her up.. nothing crazy.. then talk about it.

'Clear headed conversation' I needed to read that. You are right.. I need to be easy.

I have been educating myself but will absolutely check out the videos.
susan 146
6 years ago • Mar 31, 2017
susan 146 • Mar 31, 2017
stroke her sensously whilecspeaking softly to her then let the pain build slowly whil pleasure in another area of the body. she will want you all the time
6 years ago • Jul 17, 2017
Babykins • Jul 17, 2017
as a Babygirl I think you should talk before you tie
Lady Pheonix​(dom female)
6 years ago • Nov 11, 2017
Lady Pheonix​(dom female) • Nov 11, 2017
communication is always the best way to go
even a very lil babygirl will find a way to tell You what she needs

and i think every babygirl likes to be huggled, i know i do icon_smile.gif