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PAIN ( for the subs)

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Honey​(sub female)
4 years ago • 02/24/2017 8:15 am
Honey​(sub female) • 02/24/2017 8:15 am
I am an untrained unowned sub, But I would think that before a Dom begins inflicting pain on his Sub, he (I hope) would have some idea of how much it might hurt, whether or not it is safe, or if it is going to leave permenent scarring. And a Dom , IMO Should never ever punish or inflict pain on his sub if he is angry. A Dom-Sub relationship should be one of respect, that goes both ways, if The Dom has no respect for his Sub, then how does his Sub respect him? A Sub should be treated as a special & rare ruby, as it's not everyday you would come across someone who is willing to give he/himself wholly & completely over to another, for no other reason than love.
lil_dirtysugar​(sub gender fluid)
4 years ago • 03/11/2017 4:28 pm
lil_dirtysugar​(sub gender fluid) • 03/11/2017 4:28 pm
My level of personal pain tolerance seems to vary quite a bit. im a steadfast believer that the mind can control all. That doesnt mean i dont still feel it, but that i can control the feeling of panic pain sumtimes bring. ive been spanked and bitten to the point the marks remained for weeks. Have even done a lil blood letting. And in sum of these were the most intense experiences ive ever known. But these have mainly been self exploration of limits. i would very much so welcome and be so mentally turned on if i was to have a Miss that i trusted and had that kind of bond with that she could push my boundries. Or more importantly would know the times when i was not mentally devoted and just being an 'Ouch! Cry baby' i guess im trying to say , since ive never had a Mistress, ive never felt the devotion and desire to push through. Not just when it feels ok to me but to do it when told. But a sissy is hopeful and must always be patient.
Christy​(sub femme){Sub femme}
4 years ago • 03/11/2017 4:44 pm
Christy​(sub femme){Sub femme} • 03/11/2017 4:44 pm
Yeah, it or sissy wants to avoid least I do...castration without analgesia would be its limit...but what if Mistress yelled and screamed...would the flesh be removed forthwith and with laughter by
Mistress? Christy panty grl
Link​(sub female){No collar}
4 years ago • 03/11/2017 11:43 pm


Link​(sub female){No collar} • 03/11/2017 11:43 pm
Master Wolf you are so wise.. yes I experiment myself and yes there is a fear of giving someone that much controll. So yes I should choose carefully what I say about what I want. Also I must give all of me to recieve all He has to give in total trust.
Honey​(sub female)
4 years ago • 04/28/2017 4:11 pm
Honey​(sub female) • 04/28/2017 4:11 pm
I do not like pain at all, nor do I like it as a form of control. If a Dom treats his sub with respect,,& can respect there are times when she can't play & a Dom treats his Sub like a rare treasure, she will be willing to please without the need for punishment, there is something IMO , that is odd about someone claiming they love you, yet they want to hurt you. This is just my opinion, it is not meant to judge or offend.
4 years ago • 04/28/2017 5:30 pm
DrWakko • 04/28/2017 5:30 pm
I think the word pain needs to be looked at a bit closer. If I burn my hand on the stove that is pain, how ever if I were to spank my submissive in a scene my goal isn't to bring pain its to bring out the endorphin and maybe even a cathartic release.

We may use the word pain because that is the best word that we know or because what we see looks painful. Yes people end up black and blue and have bruises, but its exactly what they want. When I top my goal is to bring them to their release point. I don't want to go past it because the bottoms will be in pain.

When its good there is some form of release when its bad its painful.


Everything above describes play. I don't believe in pain punishments. Spanking a masochist because they are bad is like giving you a tax free million dollar check as a punishment. In my opinion it just doesn't work.