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Organising an event.

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Faerietattoo​(switch female){None}
4 years ago • 04/26/2017 11:47 am

Organising an event.

Faerietattoo​(switch female){None} • 04/26/2017 11:47 am
Hiya all, hope you are having a good day. The sun is shining, leaves are opening and the birds are singing a hearty song, after yesterdays weather its is good to sit back and enjoy. I am hoping to gather like minded people together in one place at one time, we stand stronger together than we can apart. Manchester city centre has its own unique section, the Village, where we could meet to exchange ideas and stories safely, without fear of judgement from others.

It is a special place to me and I would like to share, but are there any 'cagers' who are out enough to do this? With so many newbies, myself included, maybe it would be good to support each other on our individual journeys? And there is always the possibility that we could find someone to explore and play with, irl. It is only an idea but it might be fun?

Anyway, have a think about it and either leave a comment below or message me directly.


4 years ago • 04/26/2017 2:44 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 04/26/2017 2:44 pm
Thanks for the offer Faerie - I hope you get some takers! If you do end up arranging an event please make sure to put it on our events calendar. Best of luck!
4 years ago • 04/26/2017 5:58 pm
DrWakko • 04/26/2017 5:58 pm
You might want to do a google search for munches already in your area. There are a couple of sites that have running lists of munches, but I'm not sure if its just US based or if its international. Its a good start and you might find that there is a "newbie" munch in your area and you can now save yourself all the hard work of setting up a munch and enjoying theirs.