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What kind of Dom or sub are you?

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EnforcedBliss​(dom male)
1 year ago • 11/01/2018 8:06 pm

What kind of Dom or sub are you?

EnforcedBliss​(dom male) • 11/01/2018 8:06 pm
I've been tooling around various websites looking at "types" to see what sorts of categories there are and which would seem to fit my nature. I know that types and labels are arbitrary ad only apply very broadly, if at all. But they can still be fun. So what kind of Dom or sub are you? In what way does whatever category apply to you? In what ways do you differ from it.

Labels and definitions from here - <---- I make no claims as to the usefulness of this site.

Gentlemen and Ladies - Dominants who behave in chivalrous, and honorable ways towards their submissives and often any who surround them. They showcase respect and good manners in all things. This would be tied for top for me. I like courtesy and civility and take it very seriously. I absolutely hate to give unintentional offense and generally go out of my way to demonstrate respect. I am also very sensitive to purposeful discourtesy and I am savage in my response to it.

Sadists - are those who gain sexual pleasure from causing pain to others. This can be physical or mental.
Laughing Sadists are those who will be very Joker-esque in their play, often laughing or cackling as they perform impact play or hurt their consenting submissive in some other way.
Sensual Sadists will couple pain with sensuality and pleasure. This would be the other number one. I like inflicting pain because that means I am in control. I like the look on her face and the sounds that pain elicits. I like seeing the after effects. Yup, I am a gentleman sadist.

Caring Dominants - Focus on taking care of their submissives, not in the sense of servicing them, but in the sense of caring for them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not only do I not want to do no harm, I want to actively do good. I want her to feel uplifted and good about herself and the whole of her abilities. I enjoy being supportive through trials as much as celebrating triumphs. To me that is an inherent part of any relationship.

So please allow me to introduce myself, I am EnforcedBliss the Caring Gentleman Sadist icon_biggrin.gif It is a pleasure to meet you all.

eta: if you don't mind, please post links to where you draw your information from. Thanks icon_smile.gif
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MasterBear​(other butch)
1 year ago • 11/02/2018 4:17 am
MasterBear​(other butch) • 11/02/2018 4:17 am
I am a cascade of all of the above depending on how I feel.

I have a name for myself-----

The Chameleon Master.
WetWhenWhipped88​(sub female){Not Lookin}
1 year ago • 11/02/2018 6:34 am
I believe my favorite labeling website is the one where you take the quiz.

I think thats it. I found the results so interesting. I typically consider myself a bratty pain slut... but I have no official dictionary of bondage for that. I also enjoy considering myself well-mannered and trained, as long as I am treated properly.
1 year ago • 11/02/2018 9:54 am
Bunnie • 11/02/2018 9:54 am
I’ve always been a sub with bunny, masochistic, little and slave tendencies. What has shifted over time, is how those things balance out. It also depends strongly on who I’m with, as to what parts of me come out to meet the parts of them. I’ve found that the dynamic I share with each person is completely different, however, at its core it always seems to be the same mish mash of characteristics.
TheJackdaw​(switch male){Collared}
1 year ago • 11/04/2018 2:24 pm
TheJackdaw​(switch male){Collared} • 11/04/2018 2:24 pm
Great post! Great link too. After reading I think I’d describe myself the same as EnforcedBliss - the caring sadist gentleman. But I’m also a bit of a cheeky chappy and I like to be a little unpredictable in my scenes. Which I guess is where the Jackdaw comes in - for he is the cheekiest opportunist of all the crow family I think icon_smile.gif
EnforcedBliss​(dom male)
1 year ago • 11/05/2018 5:42 pm
EnforcedBliss​(dom male) • 11/05/2018 5:42 pm
Jackdaws man you sound like you'd be a blast to shoot a game with.

Such great answers and responses everyone, thanks so much!
Onlinedomguy​(dom male)
1 year ago • 11/18/2018 9:06 am
Onlinedomguy​(dom male) • 11/18/2018 9:06 am
Funny...this came up today in a conversation I was having with a really smart and interesting woman. I think I am not one type. When I read about types of Doms I see myself in many types. Not completely, but a little here and more there.

I want my sub to feel loved, cherished, desired, supported, needed, and free to be who she is. I am happy to be a mentor or teacher, safe place for her to allow her vulnerability to emerge. I want my sub to feel like every minute we are together are the most important moments of my life.

I can play with masochists, fantasy players, almost anything that works for both of us.