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Changing nicknames

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1 year ago • 06/03/2019 2:19 am

Changing nicknames

Ingénue • 06/03/2019 2:19 am
Nicknames.. when have people changed these and for what reasons?

I offered feedback, together with a friend, to someone in chat today whose nickname read *exactly* like that of a female sub but who turned out to be a male Dom.. I had assumed they were looking for a Dom.. we suggested a change of nickname to avoid confusion but this went down as well as a... (feel free to insert simile of choice).
Blocked for our gentle efforts.

Caused me to reflect on how personal nicknames can be. Interested about what might prompt changes.
MissBonnie​(dom female){<oz>}
1 year ago • 06/03/2019 3:27 am
MissBonnie​(dom female){<oz>} • 06/03/2019 3:27 am
I cant add anything but I am interested in why people change names other than a Dom/me renaming them (or ownership). I've often wondered and I guess often could form the wrong conclusion. My mind often thinks the person must of screwed up and needed to reinvent because it was that bad it cant be fixed. I know its wrong to think that but its hard not to as often the name change is never explained.

I've ran into some doozies over my time here and did the same as you, suggested a name change. Most tend to explain why the name but when your FIRST opinion is made from the name, then the avatar, then the profile...well, for me... its often to late by the time you read their profile, you've made up your mind. I have on my profile I have no interest in male Dom as play partners as the dynamic doesn't work for me (friends more than welcome) If I see a "title" in nick, that's it, my opinion is formed and its very hard to break that initial opinion.
sweet november​(sub female)
1 year ago • 06/03/2019 4:06 am
sweet november​(sub female) • 06/03/2019 4:06 am
I changed my name to what my Dom likes. But I don't really like it. So I'm changing it to something I like and want to keep this time.

My first name change was when someone advised me that I should not have my first name on there.

If someone emailed you, in your conversation history it will tell you that you've conversed with this person before.

Or put your opinion on your notes, even with name change the notes should still be there for that person.

Unless they changed emails then I don't know.
1 year ago • 06/03/2019 6:00 am
CrimsonPaw • 06/03/2019 6:00 am
My name on here doesn't have a personal meaning so I change it often. Whenever I'm in the mood I suppose. A sweet friend picked out this one for me. icon_smile.gif I make sure to let others know who I am when I change names though. I don't do it to trick anyone. I also make sure it begins with 'Am' as that's who I've become known as here.
MasterBrads painpet​(sub female){OWNED}
1 year ago • 06/03/2019 11:11 am
When I came to the cage in January I had a different name. That name was chosen by my first master. When I left and came back is when I took my new name. I had told my new master at the time I want to change. He asked why. Basically I thought I out grew it. It's nothing for me changing to hide but growth. I let people know I change.

The meaning...Shadow because I came out of my hidden past and saw the lifestyle was me.
Minx.. Im playful a little bit of a flirt and I like cats but didn't want the same as everyone "kitten" I just have to be different..

If when I meet my Dom and he feels it needs to be changed than so be.
Miki​(masochist female)
1 year ago • 06/03/2019 11:40 am
Miki​(masochist female) • 06/03/2019 11:40 am
Not using a nickname. Was in "facebook" mode when I signed up so I just used my first name.. but left out my surname which I use on FB. Over the years never had a problem using my real name online but of course I do not include other personal information such as location, where I went to school and all that crap. Slim-to-none describes "meaningful" information I let out there for hackers stalkers and phishers.

Many nice people in here and elsewhere but sadly, anywhere and everywhere there be dragons.
dollMaker​(dom male){SaViDa}
1 year ago • 06/03/2019 12:35 pm
dollMaker​(dom male){SaViDa} • 06/03/2019 12:35 pm
Its a shame Ingenue that advice about a confusing nickname re the orientation of the person, and it also being a very heavily loaded HNG (Horny Net Guy/Gal) name was greeted in such a poor way, friendly advice, aimed to help a newbie avoid a contact, success limiting name. That it resulted in Ingenue and myself being blocked for being friendly, well that raises red flags.

End of the day, what nickname someone picks is up to them, but obvious HNG, wanabe, ignorrant, crazy claims names will limit the success of the owner of said name, never mind be an issue when moving into physical world situations were no one is going to feel comfortable using it, particularly at say a munch, or more vanilla setting. So many dont think about that, or that this may well be the nick name they end up saddled with and known by their whole kink life. Bit more thought going into it earlier on is always useful.

In saying all that, it is helpful when HNG, wanabe, fantasists out them selves by using identifying nicknames, so there is that benefit for the rest of us. Always helpful when people raise their own red flags, makes the dodgy ones often easier to spot, if you know what to look for.
1 year ago • 06/03/2019 12:42 pm
Bunnie • 06/03/2019 12:42 pm
My nickname was given to me in Vanilla-land (slightly different), so I just used it here. I didn’t know what a bunny was when I first arrived... yes I was very fresh lol.

The only time a name change has occurred was with my last Master. He was going to rename me. Things ended before that happened, so I decided to do it anyway. It didn’t go well. I hadn’t realised how much everyone had formed a persona of who I am to them in association with my nic. Changing it was good... it really helped to break my attachment to it, but I changed it back for everyone else. There were some who didn’t cope too well with significant changes, and I figured since I didn’t mind either way, I’m ok with remaining as Bunnie. In so many ways it really is quite fitting in regards to my characteristics, so until/if I’m renamed... which may not occur, I will be Bunnie.

Oddly though, the longer it remains, the more strange my vanilla name becomes to me... sometimes I double take when someone calls me by my actual name because it just doesn’t seem to fit as well anymore, if that makes sense.
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1 year ago • 06/03/2019 1:17 pm
Justme26 • 06/03/2019 1:17 pm
I have used several stupid names (a friend advised me not to refer directly to my age). I still have not found one that I am happy with.
dollMaker​(dom male){SaViDa}
1 year ago • 06/03/2019 1:40 pm
dollMaker​(dom male){SaViDa} • 06/03/2019 1:40 pm
Not long after I first entered the online/ physical world scene, good while ago now, a newish friend gently put her arm round me and said, dont, that nick name will get you laughed at, not taken seriously and at a munch no one will want to use it, plus its an obvious HNG name, and you arent one. I said, well it reflects one of my then interests. She said trust me, dont use it. I took that advice, it was well meant and served me well.

Sadly I lost touch with that lovely lady, and I have not spoken with her in years. I have never forgotten that kindness, and letting me in on what would be a bad move on my part. My clever nickname was not so clever. And before anyone asks, no I am not saying what it was. I will say it had nothing to do with dollification, as that particular interest back then had still to really form.

So to the person that blocked Ingenue and myself, I can assure that what I said, the advice was given to pay it forward, to pass on what advice was given to me back then, with kindness and consideration, not rudeness or judgement, but simply to be helpful.