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everyone has a joke in them let's hear your fav

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Dellydoodah​(sub female)
4 months ago • 05/11/2020 2:48 pm

everyone has a joke in them let's hear your fav

Dellydoodah​(sub female) • 05/11/2020 2:48 pm
I bought a dog off a blacksmith today.As soon as I got it home it made a bolt for the door
Morrighan​(sub female)
4 months ago • 05/11/2020 2:49 pm
Morrighan​(sub female) • 05/11/2020 2:49 pm
I got molested by a group of mime artists today. They did unspeakable things to me 😉
4 months ago • 05/11/2020 3:23 pm
TheNiceSadist{TSS} • 05/11/2020 3:23 pm
Guy in a wheelchair goes up to his wife and says. " I want to spice up our love life.I just finished 50 shades of Gray lets try some of that BDSM stuff."
Wife goes ok Hunny let me go to the store and get some toys.
she comes back with a bike lock.
tallslenderguy​(sub male)
4 months ago • 05/11/2020 4:13 pm
tallslenderguy​(sub male) • 05/11/2020 4:13 pm
I had a patient in semi isolation and he was wearing a mask.

He kept asking me, "are my testicles black yet." I kept telling him that was not one of the characteristics I was supposed to be monitoring and he should speak to his urologist or internist. He asked, are my testicles black yet many times until I finally lifted up his gown and said, your testicles look perfectly fine. The frustrated patient patient took off his mask and said "are my test results back yet?
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annabellestasia​(sub female)
4 months ago • 05/11/2020 5:20 pm
annabellestasia​(sub female) • 05/11/2020 5:20 pm
I’ve got plenty that are pretty crude, I’ll go with a tame one! 🤣

What's the difference between erotic & kinky?

Erotic = you tickle with a feather
Kinky = you use the whole chicken
House Talion​(dom male)
4 months ago • 05/11/2020 5:44 pm
House Talion​(dom male) • 05/11/2020 5:44 pm
A newly wed couple goes to Mars for their honeymoon. While their the decide to do something exciting and do a couple swap.

So the female human goes with the male Martian and as they get started he says to her "if you pull on my ears itll get longer or shorter and if you twist my nose one way of the other itll get thicker or thinner "

The next day when the human couple got back together she asked exaustedly how his night was. He replied "I dont know how these ppl do things, but she kept twisting my nose and pulling on my ears. "
4 months ago • 05/11/2020 5:46 pm
BSam • 05/11/2020 5:46 pm
What's the difference between 2 dicks and a pizza ...

I can't take a pizza...