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Attraction and profile pictures

1 month ago • Jun 19, 2022
I'mME • Jun 19, 2022
What sageflame wrote is very true. But some folks outside looks are all that matter. Pretty is as pretty does or so I was raised to hear.

Beauty fades and often some grow into their own kind of beauty the older that they get.
1 month ago • Jun 21, 2022
TheHappyDom • Jun 21, 2022
SageFlame wrote:
* When I was looking:

I preferred to have a conversation before seeing a picture. An attractive physical appearance throws me off. I want to taste the meat ( the mind) of a person to determine whether I want to continue. If there is no connection in conversation I don't care to see a face.

Appearance and mind are slices of the pie. There are many other attributes that make a fun, and meaningful connection.

Likewise, I don't show my pictures before a good conversation. I found out quickly I don't like my ears tickled.

Determining the mind if another is never a waste of time in my book. It's what matters the most!

Additionally, being physically attracted to someone may create blinders early on because you want to make it work.

Very well said.

There is something to be said for a nice face picture on a profile. Like Sage said it can throw you off by wanting a connection that is not there. Memes are nice but I do not read more than one. If I go to a profile and there are tasteful pictures that’s shows the submissives artful style it makes me want to know more. If it’s basically her with toys shoved in every orifice then I just leave. I really do not care what she has to say.

I would like her biggest asset to be her mind. Then get to know what she looks like.
CharBunny​(sub female)
1 month ago • Jun 22, 2022
CharBunny​(sub female) • Jun 22, 2022
I think attraction is both mental and physical. I don't necessarily ascribe to the typical notions of what is attractive, but safe to say a Dom has to be attractive *to me* for me to be interested. If they are not a match mind to mind, then I don't care how pretty they are. I would take "average looks" (for want of a better phrase) and intelligence over muscles and a chiseled jaw.

It is off putting to me if there is no picture at all in a profile. Yes, this is a BDSM community site, but it is also a place to meet like minded kinksters for play, dynamics, relationships etc. I understand privacy, but there are ways to conceal identity and show a partial face or a body shot. Honestly (time for frankness), if you don't have a picture, I take the same stance as if you have failed to declare your age: you fear it will be somehow off-putting.

It is embarrassing for all parties if we get chatting and are interested in each other and then exchange pictures and there is no physical draw. No one wants to hear that, and it's very uncomfortable to say, too.
mylenne​(sub female)
1 month ago • Jun 23, 2022
mylenne​(sub female) • Jun 23, 2022
For me seeing someone's picture is about trust. How can I trust someone to give myself to them if they don't want to show their face to me before that...
1 month ago • Jun 25, 2022
EssenceAmore • Jun 25, 2022
Honesty the best policy looks are not everything but should be good to your eyes they take Pride in themselves carry it good. If they are true they won’t hide But when you meet someone go by sweet effect and blue print anyone can fool you if the profile does match what they say they are playing you. Before going further this person is interested in you as them cam and voice you the pictures match everything. If they make to excuses why they can’t cam or voice or show pictures if they want you it’s a red flags. You want go real and meet you want know the person is saying who they are not be scammed I did the whole online and meeting with traveling back and forth yes some lie you get off a plane person life and how they are nothing who they are The lied I turned around went home. Don’t disappoint yourself on on their faults looks are not all but if they to afraid to talk on cam and voice or exchange photo it’s not sign of growth it’s waste of time. Want someone secure enough be them self confident all it’s takes. I seen people lie the house was a mess lived run down place had other women he was trying trap women hurry to relate to make them work don’t be fooled be o I can’t show myself when the time right. Your here for a A reason should be on the same page period no lies or excuses when comes time to meet. Once trust is broken can never be again. Many can be married or just looking for live in for a vanilla sex with a maid that they have to go if they only showing up when it’s about sex bit respecting you this not love this a game. They disappear when they talking to you hang up on call likely they are married have others listen to your gut it will tell the the truth. Many will scam and lie I seen guys go to jail scamming women one was locked in the basement under weight he did not even care he sweet talked her in to believing he was great that she walked in to a trap why don’t fall for games and lies. Don’t relocate right away these are predators that Do this anyone wants to meet you will take the time it’s takes years not over night they need be willing travel to you meet you in the nearest town in public. See how they treat you is the same it should be forced you gotta get to know them let them be your piece A relationship comes later keep growing til love is more. Energy is earned not given has be shown in trust in time with exchange of good energy. Are they good for your health , they not forcing to lose weight or looks if they are let them go. Be careful with your heart who you give it to.