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Blog Post Options for viewing

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Literate Lycan​(dom male){Not Lookin}
7 months ago • 06/18/2020 2:55 pm

Blog Post Options for viewing

Good morning,

I didn’t see this previously although I didn’t read through the forum posts extensively. In posting blogs, I see the capability to make each blog active or hidden. Would it also be possible to toggle whether each individual blog could be available for public consumption (non-registered users) or registered users. There are a few blogs that I would share with the world and a few that I’d probably only share with the Cage, if that makes sense. Right now I either have to hide my blogs to only registered users or allow it to be public, and decide which blogs I make Active or Hidden after I’ve written them.

Thank you for your consideration. Have an excellent day.
7 months ago • 06/18/2020 3:37 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 06/18/2020 3:37 pm
Thanks for the suggestion! It's a good one that we hope to implement. We'd also like to add an option for blog posts to be viewable to contacts and some other refinements. It's on our "to do" list.
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