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modgepodge​(switch female)
4 months ago • 11/18/2020 11:43 pm
modgepodge​(switch female) • 11/18/2020 11:43 pm
Honestly, most of the time my partner knows that when I act out, it's because I had a really hard day and I'm going through some stuff. He's tough and no-nonsense when we're doing sexual things together, but when it comes to our legitimate relationship, he's softer than jelly. He tends to take the approach of "if I backtalk or break of the any other basic rules, and clearly don't show remorse for it, he'll give me attention/cuddles/Netflix and snacks time until I'm ready to talk about why I'm so upset". I hated it at first because I just wanted to argue so I don't have to talk about what was happening or how I was feeling, but now I recognize that it's helping me be more comfortable in communicating with him.

As for the type of funishment that most people on here probably would think of (by that, I mean NSFW)... I'd say it's what happens when I don't ask to cum. He then forces me to cum another 2-3 times right after that, and trust me. I'm not one of the girls who can just go back-to-back with that sort of thing. It shows that he pays attention to me, knows my body and physical cues, and is willing to spend as much time on me as I need (or rather, as much as he wants).
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