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What are your favorite BDSM erotic fiction novels?

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2 weeks ago • 11/19/2020 6:22 am
Neka • 11/19/2020 6:22 am
Try Masters of the Castle . Great series
2 weeks ago • 11/19/2020 6:25 am
Neka • 11/19/2020 6:25 am
They are on Kindle
NoOneofConsequence​(dom male){Taken}
2 weeks ago • 11/19/2020 6:37 am
Fifty Sh-... Just kidding.

Well, if you haven't read Laurell K. Hamilton, then I'd wonder just why not. Personally, I think her Merideth Gentry series a bit better than the Anita Blake series, but I have both in their entirety.

Jaqueline Carey did, I thought, a pretty good job with her Kushiel series.

Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, I still argue is all about the dynamick. And not just the Mord Sith. I really just don't understand how any could read the entire thing and not see that Richard is Kahlan's Master/Daddy.

John Ringo's Paladin of Shadows might have too much of the macho Richard Marcinko vibe. (Although I still say that you should read BookII; Thunder Island of the Ghost novel before making any value judgments. But, I readily admit that it might be too Pornhub for some tastes.)

Mmm. My girl gave me one of her old favorites that is still sitting off to the side, so I can't really say just how good it might be, yet. Beatrice Small's Love Slave.

Or, if you're looking for something a little more non-fiction, there's always Peter Masters' "Control Book" or The Warren's "The Loving Dominant."
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Shiruba Doragon
2 weeks ago • 11/19/2020 8:40 am
Shiruba Doragon • 11/19/2020 8:40 am
Try "101 Days of Sodom" by De Sade - Bit too much S H 1 T for my liking but otherwise a most interesting novel. I'm trying to read "Justine" but struggling with it.
2 weeks ago • 11/20/2020 6:31 am
Pleasestay • 11/20/2020 6:31 am
Probably corny but I got lost in Bries submission by Red Phoenix. Lots of books in the series to get lost in. And I'm a sucker for a Russian😁