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What Does Lesbian Sex Mean To You?

6 years ago • Aug 16, 2016

What Does Lesbian Sex Mean To You?

xVegetarianx • Aug 16, 2016
I love Lesbian sex, and I might know more about it than most other people do, but I'm not going to tell you what I think it is, because I want to hear what all of you think it is. You see, there seems to be the reoccurring problem that keeps surfacing over and over again, so I want to see how united or divided us Lesbians are when it comes to Lesbian sex.

Some Lesbians are all about penises as long as they are not attached to a man, while other Lesbians are completely against anything to do with penises at all, even if it is just on a strap-on harness or a machine.

Some Lesbians are all about Taboos and other Lesbians are completely against anything Taboo.

Some Lesbians care more about a relationship and other Lesbians care more about great sex.

So, what does Lesbian Sex mean to you?

Is it all about the Scissoring? Is it all about the 69 of sucking each others breasts at the same time? Is it all about the cuddling or cuddling while in diapers? Is it all about the water sports of golden showers and soaked panties or diapers? Is it all about rim jobs? Is it all about strap-on's, double dongs, and fucking machines? Is it all about choosing pets over men?

Tell me in your own words, in a comment below. What does Lesbian Sex mean to you?
Bhruic​(dom male)
6 years ago • Aug 17, 2016
Bhruic​(dom male) • Aug 17, 2016
Sex is either sport... just for fun... or it has a depth of emotional connection. I don't think it matters who is doing it. An attempt to characterize M/M, M/F or F/F sex as distinct is an exercise in stereotyping, in my opinion.
Lumen​(switch female)
6 years ago • Jan 12, 2017

Whole-Body Sex

Lumen​(switch female) • Jan 12, 2017
I love being able to enjoy my whole body (and my partner's!) during sex. I felt like, when I was living as a straight woman, sex was about parts, even when the sex was good. 

To me,  vanilla sex as a lesbian is about sharing pleasure using whatever is at hand.
Peachy​(sub female)
5 years ago • Apr 14, 2017
Peachy​(sub female) • Apr 14, 2017
Yes all women are different when it comes to lesbian sex. To each their own, I'm the in the moment kind of gal, if it feels right then hey let's go for it. I love women in every single aspect they are beautiful inside and out.
5 years ago • Jul 17, 2017
Babykins • Jul 17, 2017
Well at my house we don't call it "lesbian sex" we just call it sex with my wife, daddikins,domme,& Lover . We are adventurous we are passionate and we are kinky. WE enjoy pain, toys, facesitting and anal... its the same sex as "hetro" people. I am not a lesbian because I hate men. I have had great sex with men in my past. I am not however Bi-sexual . I am lesbian because I love and adore women not really about sex.
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DaddikinsDez​(dom butch){Daddi Dom}
5 years ago • Jul 19, 2017
I am a Lesbian. However sex is no different then anyone else's sex. We all have the need to feel wanted in some kind of way. Maybe it's just my experience however everyone has something that put them over the edge. I feel that sex is a need not a want and however you like your needs to be fulfill is how you should get them. It really doesn't matter what your label is.. Sex is Sex and we all either have it or want to have it.
Lady Pheonix​(dom female)
5 years ago • Nov 11, 2017
Lady Pheonix​(dom female) • Nov 11, 2017
everyone is different, i do not think there is a right way or a wrong way
lesbian sex is loving the woman you are with, and her loving you right back
its making love, a quicky in the bathroom, it's whatever YOU want to to be, woman to woman

toys or not, ropes or not, kinky or not, woman to woman, and usually oh soooooo damned good icon_smile.gif
MasterBear​(other butch)
4 years ago • Nov 7, 2018
MasterBear​(other butch) • Nov 7, 2018
This division goes back to the lesbian sex wars.

It is damaging and dividing.

Lesbian sex has nothing to do with men.
That's the point.

As far as I am concerned it is women centric and anything that gets the women off counts.

What I mean by "women centric" is the women make the choices.

Penetrative sex involving women is NOT aping.

It is driven and controlled by women.
1 year ago • Aug 9, 2021
cynthiajoy • Aug 9, 2021
Sex with another women is what I do as my own sexual preference, period.
That by itself has nothing to do with bdsm because the fact is that I love women.

Now enter bdsm into the mix, yay.
Just always desired to be with a women that is strong mentally, sure of herself, and likes to be in charge. I am good with that because I have joy seeing my owner happy by both doing the things for her that she likes and doing for her the things she doesn't want to do. This is where my service comes in two-fold.

Whatever her rules are, are her rules. We have sat down and agreed on the list up front. Every relationship has there own rules that fit them. My personal favorites are always the ones to deal with protocol because it helps me stay focused on my role. The bottom line though is that we are just two women in a relationship with each other.. The bdsm part just puts her in charge and we are both happy.