Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Personal Ad
In Canton, Ohio half of the year and in Phoenix, AZ the other half
Just love the role-play between two women. i could ask for a hundred things, but it comes down to what you want. i am a quick study so looking for someone to actually meet up with and enjoy are mutual pleasures/kinks/fetishes.
Relationship status
About me
Seeking a real life relationship with another women. (lesbian or bi)
If she is bi and has sub boys okay, but never will i agree to a male dom in the mix or family.

29.38 % Dependent slave
100 % Domestic slave
60.71 % Exhibition slave
16.67 % Fetish slave
45.83 % Harem slave
62.5 % Emotional masochist
36.88 % Physical masochist
10 % Prison slave
26.67 % Sextoy slave
BDSM and me
Consider myself a service submissive, not really into physical pain so much as the mental side of it like humiliation.
Have 2 houses, one in Phoenix, AZ and the other one in Canton, OH
Hard limits:
scat, blood, cuttings, needles, permanent scars/marks,
being a pay-pig, online relationships, face slapping,
at least tolerate my faith, don't get me arrested, & don't kill me.

On the plus side: loyal & service
massages, foot worship, domestic, or the other women
What's new
A chance everyday to be a better person.
Daughter/mother or family
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Aug 16, 2021
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Jul 25, 2021
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