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Cuckold and forced bi

2 years ago • Sep 21, 2020
MariGold • Sep 21, 2020
[quote="MyWimpslut"]OK, so here's an update.
As with a lot of things in life it wasn't what I expected.
I met a mistress in search of a sub for her own ends, a sub that could be and should be used.
After a couple of sessions and some stretching with her strapon she decided I was ready for the next phase.
I wanted to wait a bit longer but she being more experienced took the lead and decided when it would happen.
I was hugely apprehensive.
Just as in prior sessions, I was hooded, gagged and tied tightly to the bed frame, but this time the bed shifted differently when the other person joined me.
At first I thought it was Mistress as she said she would first stretch me a bit so her alpha could enter me more easily but this time it felt different, it didn't feel as hard as mistress's dildo but just as harsh. He pushed it as deep as he could and as I reared up in anguish, curled his arm around my neck locking me in a choke hold which is how i remained, until he eventually came inside me, I was tense the whole time.
When he went to the bathroom Mistress untied me removed the gag and put me on my knees, hands bound behind my back and head resting on her lap, she asked if i was OK, although I was a little confused at first ( was mistress penetrating me o someone else, was this what was supposed to happen, how was I supposed to feel?) I said I was OK as she stroked my head.

I think you should never be confused or apprehensive during a scene! This sounds dangerous to me and that you were taken advantage of and not like submission that’s freely given!
HunterIsOwned​(sub male){LaMiaPussy}
1 year ago • Dec 29, 2020
I know my mistress wants this, but I find it difficult to talk to Mistress regarding this because I don't want to top from the bottom. Is there any advice on finding the right partner. I've suggested having 3 meets with someone that might be a possibility, but that nothing should happen till after the third meeting. This way to avoid fantasists and those just looking for a one time hookup.
I suggested she tell me nothing from the first 3 encounters but on the 4th she tells me everything they did. This really turned her on. For this to work I think there needs to be more engagement from Mistress and the other person. I don't want to top from the bottom and be the only one making suggestions. Did anyone have anything similar, safe and got all parties engaged.
1 year ago • Dec 29, 2020
Low{BLK OWND} • Dec 29, 2020
My hubby and I live a cuckold dynamic with our bull in which he serves us both
Hubby is definitely not gay but super turned on with giving me what makes me happy and our bull does
Honestly its been great
HunterIsOwned​(sub male){LaMiaPussy}
1 year ago • Dec 29, 2020
How did you find the right bull and how did you make hubby and bull feel secure about what their place was in the dynamics of things?

I am glad you are all happy it sounds like you have found the perfect balance.
1 year ago • Dec 29, 2020
Low{BLK OWND} • Dec 29, 2020
Hubby found out bull online so that way his preferences were considered as well as mine
We just clicked the interest was strong the day we met and its been very consistent
We 3 have been together since 2017
HunterIsOwned​(sub male){LaMiaPussy}
1 year ago • Dec 29, 2020
Thank you.
One of the things you made me think about that I hadn't considered is that I must submit to the bull. I'd only considered that my submission would only be to Mistress and she would have power to veto anything. But I must give my submission to both.

Perhaps I should do the search and find suitable candidates for Mistress to select.

Thank you again.
Miki​(masochist female)
1 year ago • Jan 1, 2021
Miki​(masochist female) • Jan 1, 2021
I was going to answer Marigold's post but the profile no longer exists.. So I'll remark in general:

Marigold never said whether it was "mistress" using a different strap-on or she put Marigold in "the position" and had some guy come in and pork them up the ass instead. The old switcharoo..

To that end, when I am tied up to take it in the ass I won't wear a blindfold., unless I am consenting to a "come one cum all" gang bang. Some of them would want to remain face-less and nameless in that case gag me blind fold me, whatever. But it's been my experience they skip the blindfolds because they want to see my facial expression while they're doing me.
Steellover​(sub male)
10 months ago • Nov 11, 2021
Steellover​(sub male) • Nov 11, 2021
This is a common fantasy among male submissives, but one few get to experience in real time.

To those who have actually done so, I can only imagine how intense and powerful it must have been.

Like many, the idea of submitting to your female dominant's lover is more about the thrill of submitting to Her without limits, and utterly letting go of your own deepest sexual hang-ups, than it is about deriving any pleasure from sexually servicing a member of the same gender. There is also a certain voyeuristic aspect of it, living vicariously through Her lover, which is satisfying in a kinky way as well.
9 months ago • Dec 23, 2021
Low{BLK OWND} • Dec 23, 2021
My cuck and I live this dynamic every day with our bull
But im not as wordy as some
We just enjoy with consent and it's soooooooo much fun