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Lady Pheonix​(dom female)
5 years ago • Jan 16, 2018


Lady Pheonix​(dom female) • Jan 16, 2018
Why do you just find a Domme, then she vanishes into thin air?

Why is it so hard to find just one real Domme ?
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rapidlyhip​(switch male)
5 years ago • Jan 17, 2018
rapidlyhip​(switch male) • Jan 17, 2018
Because Dommes aren't always ready to properly take care of a sub. They think they are, but they're either rebounding or they're finding something local or they're realizing they're not as Domme as they think they are.

sorrt this happened to you Phoenix. been there myself
5 years ago • Jan 17, 2018
DrWakko • Jan 17, 2018
I suggest googling munches in your local area. A munch is just a meal with kinky people. The joy of the net is that you can find what ever you want because anyone can be what ever they want. The cruelest mistress and the boy next store can be the same person.

Get out there and join your community. You will be happy once you did.
Lady Pheonix​(dom female)
5 years ago • Jan 17, 2018
Lady Pheonix​(dom female) • Jan 17, 2018
i have tried munches, i have travelled to munches all over scotland, i have been to munches when i was in canada and australia too

i am not new to the life or the lifestyle, i am only new to thecage lol
Lady Pheonix​(dom female)
5 years ago • Jan 18, 2018
Lady Pheonix​(dom female) • Jan 18, 2018
i think the point might have been mistaken

it is not finding a Dominant Lesbian, it is finding one that is REAL, and does not suddenly vanish after a day or two

As soon as you start talking off site, they always seem to vanish into the mists,,,, turning up on a new site and doing the same again to someone else icon_sad.gif
5 years ago • Jan 19, 2018
Miki • Jan 19, 2018
They probably can't make up their minds whether to get into it for keeps. A lot like many Subs. I am interested in being a full-on House Sub but not at this moment, so I post to that effect on my profile. This way no one here sets him/herself up for "disappointment".

Perhaps if those ghostly dommes would do the same thing, there would be less disappointment for those like you who are genuinely ready and looking.
UnrulyNerdGirl​(sub female)
5 years ago • Jan 20, 2018
That is like asking how many stars there are in the night sky.

You need to kiss a lot of frogs before you find that queen. Sometimes, you need to grow your own - in other words, mentor someone into the Domme you want them to be.

It takes time, and patience, and a resilience against things such as disappointment, rejection, becoming attached to quickly.