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How long is too long?

msMoonCake​(neither female)
2 weeks ago • May 11, 2024

How long is too long?

Ok, so I am sure the subject of online Vs offline has been done before, but what I want to know is....

...if meeting someone online, you both chat, text, phone calls, video calls, etc. Everything seems good, both parties are into. When does it become far too long to be only chatting online?
Is there a time when you could definitely say that 1 person really isnt being truthful about meeting in person ?
Steellover​(sub male)
2 weeks ago • May 11, 2024
Steellover​(sub male) • May 11, 2024
After a few weeks, if you are wanting to hook up in real life, and the person on the other end is simply making excuse after excuse after excuse to NOT meet up in real life, I would say these three things:

One, either the person you are chatting with is not what they present themselves as (or are hiding something, which may include a wife/girlfriend),

Two, they really don't want to meet up, for whatever reason, and,

Three, if you are seeking an in-person relationship and it has become clear that they are not, then you are wasting your time,. Let them know "This isn't working, I need face to face interaction," and then move on.

Or, for a short succinct answer "How long is too long?" I'll say, three to four weeks of steady communication and at least three attempts to meet up.
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2 weeks ago • May 11, 2024
Miki • May 11, 2024
There's no official "policy" on that. It is all up to the ones involved. "Case by Case" kind of shit.

"Too long" is usually when one side wants to go IRL and the other just wants to keep the online scene going. Either they're not yet comfortable in which case it becomes up to the one who wants to meet in person to decide if they want to wait or call it a day. If Party #2 is simply ill-disposed to travelling and what-not to meet the other, it's the same. One side needs to choose whether to stay the course or move on.

Other than that, of course there is no "official stopwatch" on this shit, just the mutual feelings and decisions of those involved.
Steellover​(sub male)
2 weeks ago • May 13, 2024
Steellover​(sub male) • May 13, 2024
It's been said many times but worth repeating:
Any time a potential date and/or partner asks for money before you have actually met them face to face... is almost certain you will never meet them face to face.
2 weeks ago • May 14, 2024
Miki • May 14, 2024
... except me. (there might be similar minded women out there as well)

I never, ever ask anyone for the time of day let alone money or stuff. I am more than self sufficient and can take care of myself just fine. As a result, none I meet online will ever meet me in person except purely by accident. Simply no "percentage" in that for me, and there is almost nil chance of any "perchance" meeting anyway, as all but one or two I ran into here or on other online, (non-sexual non-date-centered sites) are a whole lot of miles away. Those "nearby" are only relatively so and a meet-up is "out of my way".. and theirs.

As it is, I'll converse with anyone for a bit over instant message boxes and in 2 cases, email--- eventually they go away, mostly after it sinks in they won't meet me-- and by extention not be getting their hands on my little ass. But that suits me just fine. There's only so much to digitally chit-chat about, and the guy wanders away all of his own accord. Nobody gets hurt and whoever is "looking" will run across that greener pasture sooner or later and everyone's happy.


Hey... I just realized, good thing the intent of the topic at the... head.. of this thread isn't about dicks.. replies would be wilder than the fatthest-fetched tales of the Old West.
2 weeks ago • May 14, 2024
Grizzledoldman • May 14, 2024
Side comment....what Miki just posted! Cracked me up!
2 weeks ago • May 15, 2024
Miki • May 15, 2024
Grizzledoldman wrote:
Side comment....what Miki just posted! Cracked me up!
and @ MsMoonPie (I think)


I had to lighten the "mood" of that post. Kind of a too-hard way to point out that not every broad in here who wants just convo does so to lead up to a money grab.

Hmm.. "too-hard" and "grab" in the same sentence... Totally have to cleanse my mind. Shame on naughty me...


And there is indeed a "too long" RE dicks.

I joke about how "sad" I am that John "Johnny Wadd" Holmes has long since passed on to the big glory hole in the sky----and no dudes I ever slept with could rise to those heights (it's the motion anyway. I came away happy) but in reality, that guy ... yeah too long as well as "long gone".

Yeah, on occasion I'm a very baaaad girl. But I am still managing to behave myself. Well ensconced in the No Boink Zone.
Giving consideration to joining the Nuns you know.