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spaceprincess​(sub female)
2 months ago • 03/17/2020 8:31 am
spaceprincess​(sub female) • 03/17/2020 8:31 am
Hiiii people!!!

I’m totally new at this, and I really want to learn what this is about. I have a strong personality, I’m the kind of person who’s always in charge but some part of me always felt different, like sometimes I just want to stop worrying about myself and let someone else being in charge, just stop being me. I don’t know if that makes sense, I don’t know if I’m in the right places but I want to find out. Does this makes any sense?
wizzard​(dom male){A Daddy Do}
2 months ago • 03/18/2020 7:51 am
wizzard​(dom male){A Daddy Do} • 03/18/2020 7:51 am
Your very lucky to have those feelings now and even smarter to act on them as soon as possible. There is a lot to learn, and even more fun and enjoyment to have while learning and experiencing all tthat this lifestlyle has to offer . It has been most of the best times I have had with in my relationships, if that makes sence.. I would also like to offer my self as a potential Dom, or Master . Do check out my porfile and see what you think, Imay be able to relocate there, or have you come here to New Mexico. Welcome to the cage, and enjoy yourself. Stephen
2 months ago • 03/18/2020 7:13 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 03/18/2020 7:13 pm
Welcome SpacePrincess! I hope you have fun here inside THE CAGE icon_smile.gif
2 months ago • 03/20/2020 8:47 pm
Villanelle​(staff) • 03/20/2020 8:47 pm
Bump! If you haven't already do so, please say hello and tell us a bit about yourself!
RealTtwo​(sub trans mtf){I have bee}
2 months ago • 03/21/2020 12:33 am

New to site, find it very interesting...Alexis

RealTtwo​(sub trans mtf){I have bee} • 03/21/2020 12:33 am
20+ years full time Submissive Trans who passes with no issue, seeking Dominant Male for part time training.
Seeking Dominant for part time training. I enjoy pain with sexual play with the right person. Not looking for full time at the moment, but who knows. Looking for a person close to me so I may continue work part time. You will find me a interesting trans person based on my genetics: Been full time 22 years + Have Klinefelters Syndrome born with both sets genes XXY. They consider this to be a birth defect as I get full time disability for it. I am one of the realist T's you will ever find and my junk still works but do not cum ...Can be multi orgasmic right person. I tend to be a bottom but not always, depends. I enjoy some BDSM hard play with trust but not looking to be a slave. Been looking for a couple of years now cause it must be a good fit for both parties involved. Might be interested in being a sexual play toy for my Dominant's friends. Training would sort that out. Just remember I have some male genetics and female that can be discussed with me at any time I am online. I am seeking a real Dominant and not some want to be...I can tell the difference so no games. Alexis
2 months ago • 03/21/2020 2:39 pm
RangersFairy • 03/21/2020 2:39 pm
Hello. I'm Fairy. Wife/sub of Rangers. The other half here. And I'm proud to say he owns me in every way.

I have a decent amount of knowledge of the lifestyle, I know what I want to experience, but I am fully open to my Dom's. My experience is limited. My husband is new to this. We never knew he was interested until he asked, "What do you want?" I sent him a picture of a woman kneeling before a man with a collar around her neck and him holding the attached leash.

He was hesitant but willing to dip a toe to see. For me. We've been talking a lot. He's asked a lot of questions. We're learning together. I'm able to tell him what I want to try. We're working our way up. Learning what we like, how far we can go. I am excited for our future adventures.

A note, my knowledge comes from trusted sources who live the lifestyle. 2 of them are known authors. 1 is a Dungeon Master at an established club. I have read A LOT of fiction, understand that while it is not the be all end all. I have also done a lot of my own research.
angelfaace​(sub female)
2 months ago • 03/21/2020 7:18 pm
angelfaace​(sub female) • 03/21/2020 7:18 pm
Hiya. I just came on here out of curiosity but will only engage if I think there's high potential for a relationship. I've already gotten more messages than I anticipated without even posting here so if I don't reply, please don't take it personal. Thanks!
SilentSiren​(sub female)
2 months ago • 03/21/2020 9:07 pm
SilentSiren​(sub female) • 03/21/2020 9:07 pm
Halo all😇😇😇

Really just excited to meet like minded friends. Only seeking friendship atm. Please respect that. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
KarmaTheGoddess​(dom gender queer)
2 months ago • 03/22/2020 12:51 pm

Hello!! ♥

KarmaTheGoddess​(dom gender queer) • 03/22/2020 12:51 pm
Hiiiiiiiii!!! I'm here mainly looking for a way to learn more and connect with the community. It'd also be awesome to make some kinky new friends, and find out if there are any BDSM themed events in my area. So here I am!
I'd say I don't bite, but that's a lie lol But don't be afraid to talk to me ♥️
I'm queer AF and I love love love women ♥️♥️♥️ BUT, I have a boyfriend and he's everything to me. We're both bi, but pretty gay lol ♥️ I'm a dom/top and he's a verse/top.
If you're into femdom, wax stuff, rope, butt stuff, women, twinks, gay shit, soft dom shit, choking, moderate sadism (lol), or anything in that general ballpark, then come on and chat with us icon_smile.gif I run this account, but we're kinda a duo.
Kink aside, I'm a writer and I LOVE food. Cooking food, eating food, looking at food, thinking about food... My boyfriend and many of my other friends are all gamers. I also hang out with a bunch of weebs and art whores lol I dabble in all of it. So if anything here caught your eye, then don't be shy! ♥️

(please excuse the excessive hearts, I'm a shameless heathen lmao)
2 months ago • 03/23/2020 1:09 am
Villanelle​(staff) • 03/23/2020 1:09 am
Welcome everyone! Thank you for the intros!