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Uhm...brand new to this but looking for help

PandaRB​(sub female){None}
6 years ago • Nov 10, 2016

Uhm...brand new to this but looking for help

PandaRB​(sub female){None} • Nov 10, 2016
So im brand new to this and lookinh for someone to talk to about it. im really interested in finding a rigger as i find i am a curious rope bunny. uhmm... wher to start. sorry of this sounds dumb.
6 years ago • Nov 10, 2016
Villanelle​(staff) • Nov 10, 2016
Welcome Panda!  Online discussion forums are a GREAT place to chat and get ideas so please do use these discussion threads as you like to ask questions or get advice as needed.  I'd suggest you keep in mind that there are varying levels of experience and differing ideas of what's right and wrong, so take everything with a grain of salt and then make up your own mind.

In regards to rigging, like most physical aspects of bdsm you really need to learn that in person although I don't discount resources like books, videos, etc.   Here's a good place to start which includes some important safety advice:

You might want to check out this youtube channel by deGiotto Rope:

Although  I didn't find anything in the way of classes specifically in your area, here are some affordable workshops ($5) also by deGiotto in Texas.  If you can plan a little getaway it might be worth attending one:

I'd also suggest checking out local bdsm organizations for upcoming special events and classes. 

Rigging is not something I practice extensively but I bet there are plenty of others here who can offer you advice on what type of rope to use, safety, etc.  So please do chime in everyone!  And Panda, if you have any specific questions, ask away!
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Paige_LaMarchand​(sub female)
5 years ago • Apr 27, 2017
This is an older post and I hope you've found someone to practise with! If you're still around, I also have a couple recommendations:

This very useful video from IPCookieMonster on Anatomy for Rope Bondage that illustrates nerves that may become compromised during ropework and how to avoid injury:

Kinky Clover has a free-to-download, beautifully written and illustrated Rope Bottom Guide:

Let us know how it's going!