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Chicago, Illinois, United States
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African American woman, never married with no children. Almost four years experience serving as a house slave A submissive with slave tendencies. This one will often refer to herself as slave since within her limits she is very obedient, docile and pleasing,

Would be interested in a real time dominant Master that is a good communicator, SSC, is comfortable putting himself first, strong, and intelligent to serve and please as a live in slave as close to 24/7 as is reasonable. Open to relocate for the right situation.

While being a 24/7 slave to a dominant Master is my prefered dynamic, i am open to others. Willing to work outside the home if needed or concentrate on serving completely. The third is not me, the others are
BDSM and me
Experienced at Domestic service, cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands, and lawn chores.

Verbal Humiliation, being called degrading names

Physical Humiliation, kneeling head down, eyes down, face slapping

Collar and leash, inside and in public, leash held by Master and pulled

Light bondage, rope and handcuffs Public play, leashed, kneeling

Protocols, proper respect verbally, proper serving of drink or food, when to kneel

Obedience Training, trained to certian postions on command (not Gorean, but am told similar)

Objectification, used as table, footstool Begging, groveling on knees

Body Worship, complete


Maid uniform

Exhibitionism, wore the bikini in the profile pictures most places, shown off with less.
Known limits are

Edge play ( edge play is not edging)
Anything illegal
Golden showers
Brown showers
Knife play
Online play
Electrical play (low level shock collar is ok)
Anything not SSC
Extreme pain
Extreme pet play
Permanent damage
Sharing sexually (outside of serving a couple where they share me)
Couples where a switch is involved
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Aug 12, 2023
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Aug 20, 2020
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