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I am one of TieHardTwo. We are a gay couple, who play with others but only together. We have a kink family of regular subs including our live in pup. I think sex is beautiful, sexuality is beautiful and human bodies are beautiful. I appreciate some people do not like very open explicitness, you probably will get put off by our blogs/pics etc so stay away! One of us is 62, a 100% top, a bondage specialist with decades of experience. The other, the one on The Cage, is 45, a lean and muscular switch who only tops with others. (That's me in the pics) We have two fully equipped playrooms, one in central London just off Old Compton Street and for the more adventurous a dungeon in a remote house in the West Midlands.
BDSM and me
Bondage is our main focus. We specialize in total erotic bondage which is about pleasure not pain - but don't be fooled - we do very intense.We have a family of subs and visitors who we very happily play with. We design and make our own playrooms and gear - THIS IS NON COMMERCIAL AND NOT FOR SALE - but we are always keen to hear from others who do the same and like to share ideas. We have a live in pup (we adore) and enjoy being pup handlers. We play with men. As it seems that COVID is about to shut down a large part of our sex lives (again!) I have joined the CAGE for chat and friendship only. If you are interested in sex with us ask me and I will tell you how and where to apply - but I don't really see this site as a place for meeting lovers. It is more social for me on here. Have tried to get into cyber but it just doesn't do it for me I am afraid :( - way too frustrating!! Our pics give an idea of the things we get up to.
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Also - am a bit of an exercise fiend/gym bunny (when they are open grrr) - happy to chat workouts with all comers.
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Monday, November 2, 2020
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