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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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arr Down in the Mountainy range of Canada be were Me ship Makes port! Arr...So a Little about ne, the Greatest Pirate Of all time Har Har! dont forget that. With the Law not being as fergivin to us Pirates we have to adjust our sea fairing selves..Arr.... I work heavy steel Construction, Can Ye guess What I build? Ill give ye a Hint, Ships. so far Ive been in that fer 4 years of me scurvy life. I dont think it nessasarry to tell ye landlovers that I be a pirate.. For that should be common knowledge am I right? Har Har. Due to me Talents acting Ive learned of a way to legally Pirate, Though the Spec of work Has its... Wetness Arr... in the summer I be a Pirate for a Pirate themed Tour boat Ye best make no mistake Me ship is nothing te gock at, It be armed with 12 Watarr cannons. I also be a cosplay from time to time, it introduced me to the joy of Pirating....wait That be a lie.. I normally be Cosplay me mate Jack Sparrow, Why you ask? You tell me. Arr Kink Wise I Be still Exploring, I would say Im a switch because I like both points of views. Har har, That Be the Famous Captain Barry!
BDSM and me
Im still Learning But I know that Im somewhat of a switch, but I lean more towards the submissive side. Im still getting comfortable with my own Kinks but Over Time Im confident I will add more.

== Results from == 100% Switch 100% Rope bunny 99% Rigger 75% Pet 74% Submissive 73% Dominant 67% Degradee 62% Master/Mistress 56% Experimentalist 55% Non-monogamist 54% Slave 52% Owner 49% Brat 49% Brat tamer 46% Degrader 45% Primal (Prey) 43% Vanilla 43% Daddy/Mommy 37% Sadist 33% Masochist 29% Primal (Hunter) 14% Exhibitionist 7% Voyeur 4% Boy/Girl 2% Ageplayer
blood, tears and neglect of safe words, im not super bit into pain. but can stand a little
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