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  About me? I love reading sci-fi and if give a chance will watch anything if it is good and you want to talk about it. I am a bit of a nerd love games and try not to get into them so much they take over my life as some friends have said they have. I'm in third year of collage going for a BA in management. 
  I am fiercely loyal and the few friends i have know they can call and I will be there. I have one now waiting on me to get my shots and get to Dallas. I will talk to anyone and give what advice i can as long as you will not get mad because i am honest about what evert we are talking about. So if you want an ear to listen to you I have to but if you want someone to just agree with you and kiss your ass "no".
  I have been hurt and i have hurt. I have loved and lost but never regretted the dance. I have never said "I love you" and not meant it they are still with me today. Some would say I am a player for having known so many ladies but a player does not care or remember any of after they are gone. There is only 3 who can not call and know they can find help.
  I am know to many by many names bu the one name i am know to all by is friend. A name and title I will all ways fight to keep.
BDSM and me
Been around the life for 20 yrs and touched here and there. Never had the chance to fully explore. Who knows maybe things will change.
Some limits are to be pushed a little at a time but hard limits are brick walls set up never to be touched. 
Scat minors animals and warm beer. There are others but who knows lets keep an open mind.
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To say I am in a relationship does not do it justice. It is less and more as we are still getting to know each other and finding our way. Where I once thought the more the merrier I now find one is all you need. It is that one that fills you and sets your course to where you are needed and wanted. Because of my past we have major hurdles to get over but it is not a fight but more of an understanding that the past is to be remembered and not replayed. Some day (not soon) she will understand that I tend to think like the Highlander "There can be only one". Right now she is the first person I think of when I wake and the last thought I have before I sleep. Yea I am hooked and being reeled in but still putting a fight into it just to let her think I am not the kind of guy to just give in. I have a long way to go before she trust me enough to start rebuilding the heart that is so broken. I wait and I plan as to rebuild something you need to plan ahead to make sure you do it right. Anyone with a bank card can send flower or candy but with her I need to send love and just a little at a time to start the healing. A good morning to let her know I think about her when I get up. Space to let her have the time she needs to heal and a willingness to give her what she needs most a shoulder and an ear to rest on and listen to her as she tells me of her day. Also a thick stuffed teddy bear to hug till I get there.
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