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I am a single mom of 3 little ones. They are my world, because of them I work my ass off to make ends meet. I have pride and dont like to ask for anything from anyone.  I have total control in my job because I have to. 

I love to read, and write have been trying to get back into drawing and painting but time doesnt permit. 
I'm looking for the Sesual type  I want long term to know I can come home after a crazy day and either be waiting for my Sir or to just fall into his safety. 
I deserve honesty loyalty kindness friendship and most important trust and communication.
( I use to have a but here about monogamy but have recently learned sometimes things happen out of our control we can not  change) 

I think I'm a pretty funny girl but what do I know. I'm a people pleaser and sometimes at the cost of me I will do what ever it takes for someone else. I want people to be happy so I try to bring that out for them. 

I am a genuine person I know everyone says that , I wear my heart on my sleeve, my emotions dont hide well when I talk and my eyes tend to change color depending  on my mood so my body has a built in system to prove when I'm lying sad or uncomfortable. Nice right! 

That's the most I've ever wrote about me and I'm sure most stopped reading at single mom but if your here and seeing this thank you. From here down is my old about me as I dont like to delete things because the past shows us growth. 

Update 9/11 I am searching but  no longer initiating contact I dont want to chase but be chased. I seem to have a difficult time finding the right fit and think maybe I'm cursed (haha). Those who know me will get the joke those who dont if it is something your curios about ask.  

Lost soul,  I am just me. If you want to know more ask. Those of you that assume sub means willing to give up from initial contact please think again before messaging me. I have a brain and will challenge you when I can. I do know my place when needed but will not dumb down just for the satisfaction of you. 
   I am loyal to a fault, honest,sarcastic, foul mouthed,  and many other things.
All photos are me  or taken by me. Except the pheonix and the aries quote. I am an aries and difficult to crack but when you do it's so worth it
BDSM and me
Funny I never though I'd say this but maybe there is a small masochist in me. 

The things i learn about myself

Everything changes some good and some bad all bringing a new door to open the question is do you have the courage to walk thru it.
They are choices to he discussed when the timing is right.
What's new
Challenging myself to push harder. Still learning all I can.

All safety nets have been released. Falling dont know if I'll ever be caught....

Everyday is new. Always learning always changing  You cant learn something new if you dont ask.

This journey is ever changing.
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Saturday, April 11, 2020
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Monday, October 16, 2017
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