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Some thoughts that cross my mind.. Ramblings and such
1 week ago. Thu 07 Dec 2017 06:41:53 AM IST

I sit here every night trying to figure out who i am, who im meant to be. Not an easy thing to do when your mind is in constant chaos. There was a day not to long ago when i had no clue. I was a shy quiet person who couldn't express myself. Id watch, read and try to learn all i could. I found some great people along the way that helped me see a few things. This is just what i see now and how ive grown.
I use to sit alone thinking that things i wanted were wrong. They were in some ways sinful according to society. Society the greatest mind f*** of all. I stumbled across this site and learned so much. So many have simalr stories to mine. I sat quietly and watched soaked in all i could until oneday someone noticed. He kept saying hello until i responded, from there it opened a flood gate. I was challenged by another to reach inside write a story and see where my head was, another showed me that there are many different types of doms and what i should want and expect. I meat a friend in the real world who helped guide me even if she doesnt know she really did. Somewhere in all that crazy there was someone i was talking with who slowly pulled me in. My dark sins became a normal, they are acceptable with him. He connected with me and continues to do so. He has taught me sinful is only what we make it. If we let our minds get the best of us then we revert back to where we were. He gives me the safe place i need to grow. He protects me from my own doubts and demons. He has very quickly become a part of me. So to those of you that have touched me and guided me along the way thank you, to you chris i will never be able to thank you enough for finding me and showing me that my dark sins are just the light at the end of a long tunnel that has finally come to an end. 

2 weeks ago. Wed 29 Nov 2017 06:29:08 AM IST

I am his
He saw me in a corner and stuck out a hand, he guided me into the light in this dark world. He helped me to open a part of me that has been locked away. When she stepped out of the shadows I didnt know her she is beauty, strength, courage, elegance, and pride. She stood tall and didn't hang her head, she doesn't believe anything anyone negatively says about her. When I told him who I saw he said she is you and she is what I see in you.
I am slowly starting to see the resemblance, starting to merge the two together.
He opend my eyes when they were closed,
He gave me a hand when I was weak,
He stands beside me when another tries to put me down.
He is the strength I need to survive
He is the courage I need when I want to be small,
He encourages, pushes me when im scared and knows when enough is enough
Without asking he is my Sir, he doesnt force himself. I give myself freely and without hesitation
I know he has my back and I have his, why you ask because he is "mine"