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2 days ago. Tue 17 Sep 2019 07:05:33 AM IDT

The darkness nips at her toes
Always there reminding her how easy it is to be pulled back in
Watching and waiting for the perfect time to strike
She tries to back away but the wall behind her is to tall
She tries to move to the side but it's there too
She holds his hand afraid to let go
She tries to hold tight but he is slipping away
Fingers barely touching
Her safety fading away
Her hand falls
She takes a breath
Takes a step to the darkness
Slow painful steps
And then she falls
Surrounded by the darkness
Fear creeps in because only bad things wait in the dark
Will anyone find her
Their words ring in her head
Your not a good mom....
You are neglectful...
You dont take the time...
You cant do this right...
You dont try hard enough...
Your never going to be good enough...
You dont matter...
The last one plays over and over
She opens her eyes and thinks I AM
I am an amazing mom
I am overly caring
I give all my time to others
I will do my best and may not always do it right but what is right
I try so hard
Repeat that I MATTER
She stops falling
Left floating alone in the dark
A small flicker of light appears
the light gorws stronger
Each time she repeats the phrase the light grows brighter
Out of the light a hand reaches
Pulls her close
She sees herself
Knowing the only person who can save her is herself.
Facing our own truths can be the hardest challenge ever.

3 days ago. Mon 16 Sep 2019 06:56:34 PM IDT

It's funny this online world. You make "friends" here but what does that really mean.

I got your back?

I will stand by you no matter what?

I will pick you up when your down?

I will warn you of a predator when I see one? 

I will love you like my family (ok ok some family can be left out)

And no matter what battle you go into I will be there for you 

Lately I've seen some things that are kind of irritating. People taking sides or talking to people that have hurt one of their friends.  You were there to pick them up and then you befriend the one who pulled the rug out from under them. I dont know just a rant

 This world of cyber talk has made it so easy to forget there are real people typing. Yea there are always 2 sides to a story but as a friend its not my place to judge, or be swayed either way. 


I have an amazing friend here.she and I have shared a lot in a very short time. She never asked me to do this, but had told me a story part of her past. It involved a friend of hers.  Anyway I listened we then moved on to some of our goofy banter and I thought  nothing else of it.  Then I go to chat one day just to be the wall flower I was 2 years ago. See people talking and almost get the nerve to talk when the door opens and here comes the person my friend was talking me.  I left. I didn't feel the need to listen or ask her side because my friend is the one I stand by no questions asked. 


There is a freaking point i swear. 

When a friend confides in you it's yours to carry always, even when the friendship falls apart, when a friend warns you, you should always listen and when they are right apologize and know they will still pick you up and dust you off. Be the friend you want to someone to be to you . You get what you give. 

So to my friends I promise 

I will listen and heed your advice even when I dont really want to.

I will stand beside you always 

I will pick you up when you fall (and yes even pick the lint and straggler strings off your backside so you dont look like a fool)

I will go to war with you, cry with you, laugh and giggle with you, but most of all your secrets are safe with me because you are my friend nothing will ever change that. 

To the gem I found and the tigress who I dragged (not really but hahahahaha see) here ;) you are my peeps my girls I will go to the ends of the world for you! Thank you both for making my life so much better by being part of it. 


3 days ago. Mon 16 Sep 2019 02:23:25 AM IDT

great day at home when you get to eat some yummy dips and chips , and yes I made it! 

3 days ago. Mon 16 Sep 2019 12:05:01 AM IDT

A song can definitely take you places. I heard this today and wow did it bring a lot of memories....

4 days ago. Sun 15 Sep 2019 07:42:22 PM IDT

So this is what I finished on my own. I am sorry if its not as detailed or my usual form of writing but my head was definitely in a not so great place. He told me I had to finish it so I did,

plus an unfinished story drives me crazy....(still waiting to find out what happens to  some of these stories here on cage) 

I hope you enjoy and remwber never give up on your journey, take a step back and find who you became from that chapter. This phoniex hasn't burned and will keep rising but currently taking a break to sit in the tree to enjoy the beauty around her. 


Final chapter....

Hes driving her crazy ever sense on fire. She is now bent over for him knows hes close she can sense him. What is he doing what is next. He walks around her she can hear him and then she hears the bag again. What is he up to. Light tickle down her back like water slowly moving, cold instantly cold and she thinks it is water. He rubs her ass and smacks it. It wasnt a hand it wasnt the flogger what was it. It felt flat and hard the sting it left spread evenly a paddle. Oh my lord a paddle. Smack the other side tears well in her eyes and she says to him no please not that again. He hears the smallness of her voice and the fear. Instantly he stops and undoes the bindings she falls into his arms he reaches for the blindfold and she stops him. I'm sorry she says I wasnt expecting that, please dont take it off I want to keep going just no more paddle.
He lays her down and traces slow light fingers over her body setting off new sensations. He then runs an ice cube down her sending chills over her whole body. He kisses everywhere the ice trailed and his hand works her up again. Rubbing her till shes right at the edge she feels him move on top of her and slowly sinks his cock into her. Everything collides, in this moment becomes one with him forever their bodies United and souls becoming one. He moves in and out making his claim and shes done she cant even stop at this point her body wrapping around him clawing at his skin. He leans down and whispers cum kitten give me what's mine. She let's go completely crashing around him. Hes telling her such sweet things but all she can feel is him. She will never be anyoned but his.
They lay there together wrapped in eachothers arms. He removes the blindfold and tells her how hes longed for this. How he needed her to complete him. She looks at him and says Sir this sub belongs to you, will be yours forever. Everything I do from this day forward will be to make you happy and proud. Thank you Sir for making me yours.

4 days ago. Sun 15 Sep 2019 04:38:12 AM IDT

She feels him slip a finger and then another. He whole body tenses her fingers dig into her palms her toes dig into the ground and her body arches. Hes moving in and out her hips moving with him. His fingers leave her and she moans longing for more then the sting on her clit snaps her from the edge. Shock total shock show should be freaking out but oh my God the pain is making her want more. Shes aware hes saying something but not able to comprehend what it is. Then it all comes crashing and another snap 1 she says sting after sting. She doesn't know how she can count how its even possible to feel this good. As she says 4 she feel his fingers rubbing lightly on her clit. Shes frantic now moaning and pleading needing to cum thrashing around. She feels him remove his hand and hears him step away. She cant hear him she pleads. Sir touch me I need to feel you I want to cum for you. Her legs trying to rub together but the damn bar is keeping them apart. She keeps pleading all while thinking where did he go. She longs to feel him again hear him. Her body breaks into a light sweat. Moaning as she pleads for his touch. A thought crosses her mind and she freezes. Did he leave her here, did he walk out on her. No one will ever find her here if he did. She feels the panic start to rise and begs him to please answer her. She holds her breath to see if she can hear anything waiting for what seems like hours and then she hears it a small exhale.
• As he sits watching her, he pays attention to her movements, he notices her trying to rub her legs together, watching the wetness drip from her pussy and down her legs, she needs him, she calls out for him, but silence now. He watches as she stops moving, she is questioning know where he is. He notices her breathing increase as she becomes worried, he exhales deeply letting her know he is still there. She freezes and waits for him, not moving, listening to what he may be doing. He stands up and walks over to her, the fire keeping her warm, the flames glistening and cracklings. He stands in front of her and takes his hand and places it over her neck, firm but gently at the same time. He pushes her head back and rubs his other hand down her torso, stopping along the way and squeezing her tits. She moans in pleasure as his fingers get to her clit. He begins to rub, slowly up and down.. she moves with his fingers, while his other hand still holds her neck. He begins to move faster over her clit, flicking and squeezing it, she is yelling now in pleasure, begging him to let her cum... he leans into her ear and says not yet kitten... he stops, moves his fingers to her mouth so she can clean them for him. He then runs his fingertips up her arms and releases them. He guides them down and attaches the clamp so she is now bent over for him... he steps back admiring her ass as he reaches in his bag..

5 days ago. Sat 14 Sep 2019 05:45:34 PM IDT

• I accept your submission and I will honor and cherish you always. From now on you are my kitten. All you need to say is collar me, you knew just what to do. You assume the position you have practiced and longed for, nadu only your hands grab your hair and pull it back exposing your bare neck to me. I take the collar and place it around your neck, I whisper in your ear, you have nothing to fear kitten, daddy loves you. I clasp it and lock it, I smile knowing you are mine now! I say stand kitten and take your clothes off, as a leash drops from my hands, all you hear is the drop of metal as it swings at my side....

The cold metal around her neck felt good it belonged there. This is who she was meant to be. He tells her to stand and she does slowly. Gaining her balance. She takes off her gown totally exposed to him, she looks him in the eyes and knows what he wants. She turns for him to see all of her. When she turns she sees it. The bag, black leather sitting next to the chair. She wonders what is in it. She looks up at him their eyes meet. She knows hes seen her curiosity. She whimpers with anticipation not knowing what's to come. Shes only ever read of this it cant be real she use to think. No one ever got these dark desires in real life... just then she feels his hand lightly touch her face brushing her hair away. He walks away from her and over to the bag while shes watching him she also takes note of ice bucket and candles around the room. Then she hears the zipper and looks up to see him holding a green cloth...

• He walks around her gazing at her beautiful body, fingertips brushing just barely over her skin as he walks in circles around her. He feels her body move as he touches her, screaming for him to take what’s his. He stops behind her, his mouth on the back of her neck. She feels his breath causing her to quiver in excitement. He wraps the cloth around her eyes and ties it. She know has lost the ability to see, all other senses heighten with every breath. She heard movement and she tries to turn towards it, smack her right ass cheek is burning. Daddy didn’t say move kitten. All that she can muster is a slow , slap to the left check this time. Yes daddy she screams from her lips. She is dripping in anticipation. She heard s clasp and then feels a tug in her neck, the collar, the leash is pulling her where he wants her. Shes pulled into the main room, she can smell the fire burning. But where is he leading her, she follows his lead. She feels the warmth of the fire now, she is standing right in front of it. He grabs her left arm and pulls it to the side and above her head. Suddenly she is locked into place. The same to the right arm now Her hands stretched apart, she feels her legs being spread apart, he places a bar from ankle to ankle locking them into place. She is totally at his mercy now. He walks around her, all of a sudden there is s sharp pain to her left breast, . That is 1 kitten, I want you to count out for me...she is ready as she can hear the flogger spinning in the air,

She feels the cloth covering her eyes and remembers how she has longed for this. The want to be blindfolded and not know what was happening. She realized her senses had heightened. She could hear him moving about and tried to move towards the sound and is met with an immediate burning sensation on her ass ouch that hurt. She felt the words forming but bit them back. She hears his statement and she let's out a small whimper
And now her left side is burning... what does she say, words come out of her without thought or reason and loder than expected. Yes Sir...
She feels something slide around her neck. She lifts her chin then hears a click and then a tug at her neck. She doesnt move right away and the tug pulls harder forcing her to move in the direction its pulling. She walks forward slowly hearing his footsteps in front of her. She can tell they have moved to the main room. She feels the cool air from the windows and then the warmth of the fire. Her skin has goose bumps but not from the chill in the air because she is now in front of the fire. She feels a light touch go down her arm to her wrist her arm then pulled above her head. She cant move her hand and she feels the same thing happening to the other side. Shes testing seeing how far she can move but there is very little play. While she is testing the play he has secured her legs apart she is exposed totally to him. She can feel the moisture between her legs and blushes knowing he will see it too... she feels a light tickle up her back but it cant be fingers then it drags over her shoulder and she smells leather. Down her front the light tickle continues. Shes starting to moan when snap her breast is now on fire. He says thats one kitten I want you to count. She thinks to herself how do I keep count how do I focus. Then snap, 2 Sir 2. She hears the sound and tenses for it snap 3 Sir this one lands on her bottom. Snap 4 the other side... slowly soft touches again.. this time it's his fingers trailing on her skin he pinches a nipple then the other. Slowly goes down her stomach and touches her wet pussy.. he moans a low growl. Kisses her lips and whispers just wait my kitten theres so much more.
With those words she feels her body tense wanting to cum. There is no way to stop it his touch is like some sort if magic. She is right on edge ready to cum when snap there is another sting on her, what number kitty? 5 Sir I think 5, she cant get control shes going to cum her body is shaking she needs to cum...

• He can feel her pussy tighten around his fingers as he thrusts in an out her. He knows her body is begging her to let go and cum, but like such a good girl she is holding back. He reluctantly pulls his fingers out of her, all he wants is to is make her scream, but not yet! He know she can’t take this much longer, he takes his whip and smack to the clit, what number is that kitten? He watches her body language knowing that she can’t think straight right now, smack again to the clit, what number kitten? 1 daddy she screams, he smacks her again 2 daddy, again, 3 daddy, again 4 daddy. He rubs the clit gently to help with the sting, he whispers in her ear,, good job kitten, you are doing so well. He steps back and sits in the chair, it’s time to see how she reacts to silence....

5 days ago. Sat 14 Sep 2019 09:20:54 AM IDT

So i have a story to share that I wrote with a Dom. I was talking to this Dom seriously and he even conversed with some of my friends. He had an idea that we write a story together because he knows my love writing and expressing myself. In the course of writing this and us seriously discussing .my submission he was approached by another here on cage. He apparently replied and poof the story didnt have the Doms end, and I was left spinning. Even though a pheonix will rise were bond to crash and burn up eventually! 


Part 1:

She sits in the cabin remembering the day of adventure. She took this trip to recenter to be alone. The windows are open and there is a cold breeze coming in so she goes to the fire place and starts a fire. She gets it going but the incredible feeling of the heat on her keeps her right there. Shes in her little thin white cotton nightgown and nothing else. She sits in front of the fire place closing her eyes soaking in the heat. The cool breeze floats off the lake in through the window and kisses her back. Such different feelings the heat and cold. There are no lights on in the cabin just the candles soft glow and the fire place.
She came here to try to understand his offer. Could she do what he asked could she give herself to someone completely without question or hesitation. It was 2 days ago when he asked her to be his, mind body and soul. She told him she need to process what that meant and he gave her the space. Hed texted her that morning and she told him where she was going and ended with a question. She didnt tell him where she was there would be no service so she wouldnt see his answer. Her question she remembered well " what does that mean to be yours? Can one ever really belong to one person?"

• 48 hours felt like an eternity, he tried to stay busy, he loves to work with his hands, he goes to his workshop and tries to keep his mind off of her. His kitten, he knew right away that she was what he wanted. The way she reeled him in with her words, mysterious, exciting, sexy. It had only been a short time since their paths had crossed, but immediately he felt that ache of want. He had asked her to be his, he wanted her, only her. The way her eyes gazed at him he knew she wanted him to. The hesitation, she was scared, confused, she wanted him but just couldn’t say those words. I am yours! She had asked him to give her some time. Of course he would give her all the time she needed, but please don’t make me wait he thinks. He gets the message, she is going to the cabin, and the question she had asked plays through his mind. He knew what he had to do and immediately got on his motorcycle and began the drive to get his one, his kitten, his love! He arrives and finds her walking around the lake. She is beautiful, he stays away, just watching her, he spends hours staying at s close distance, he can tell she is struggling and all he wants to do is grab her and pull her to him, holding her and keeping her safe. But not yet. She moves to the cabin as the sun sets, she is starting a fire, she is beautiful in her white nightgown, he can’t stop it he needs her and the time is now! He slips in the cabin and moves to the bedroom as she leans over to stir the fire. He moves to the bed and takes the flower Petels from his bag, he arranges them in the bed to say the word,Words, soul mates! Two simple words, but they encompass all that he feels. He lights candles and places them in the room, he sits in the corner chair waiting for her to enter....

She had a strange feeling earlier at the lake a sense of being watched. She thought about that as she sat by the fire. What could it have been. It didnt scare her but made her feel safe and not so alone. While she was thinking of this she heard a noise some sort of scraping sound or a zipper... no it was just in her imagination no way that is what she heard she was the only person around for miles..
She stirred the fire and started to think about the last time she was with him. How he touched her his lips caressed her skin how badly she wanted him to kiss her everywhere. Her hands started to wander over her night gown. Remembering how his hands felt on her skin. How it felt so right. She let her fingers slide slowly down her chest and then rubbed her breast oh to feel his lips here as she pinched a nipple.. then she heard another sound and snapped out of her fantasy.
She decided that wasnt in her head she heard that so she gets up quietly looks around and she notices a light glow from the bedroom. She racks her brain did she leave the light on... no it wasnt bright enough for a light. She slowly inches toward the room panic starting to set in. Someone is here she can feel it she knows. She realizes the panic isnt that at all its excitement why the hell is she excited. There is someone in the cabin and they are in her room. She tiptoes more, closer to the door inching slowly... she pushes the door and gasps.. she sees the bed the words on it... instantly she knows hes here.
She walks slowly into the room and sees him sitting in the chair a small smirk on his face. She feels moisture between her legs the intense desire to be his but the flash of anger gets her too... you she says.. but how.. why and this.. she motions to the bed then she sees it in his hand hes holding a paper the arrangement he had shown her before and instantly she drops to her knees.

• That’s it kitten, I have given you 2 days, it is time to decide! I will be yours, yours alone, you will be mine and mine alone! You asked me and now it’s time for me to show you. He sets the paperwork down on the bed as he walks up to her. she had instantly gotten into the pose he had taught her, nadu head bowed, legs spread, on her knees with hands palms up on her thighs. You have practiced , that pleases me. But before we can begin I need an answer, he pulls something from a bag, she still has her bowed and has not moved. Kneel in front of me. She immediately gets to her knees and crawls to his feet, head still bowed not making eye contact. I smile to myself knowing I have her! She is in position now, look at me now kitten! She raises her head slowly and there’s eyes meet, I instantly get hard, god she is beautiful he thinks to himself, trying not to let any emotions bubble to the surface. I pull a collar from behind my back and say, kitten this symbolizes out commitment to each other, if you allow me to place this, then from this point on you belong to me! I will care for you, love you, honor you and help you become the best you can be, but you have to do so willingly... it is time to make a choice, yes or no, his heart feels like it is going to pound right out of his chest. He needs her and knows she is almost his..
She didnt underatand why she went to her knees automatic reaction to him. The position he taught her days before the one she thought was crazy. She wasnt sure what he was saying but then she heard it his command to look at him.
Slowly she raised her eyes to meet his and in that moment she knew she was his undeniably his. She barely noticed the shiny silver in his hands then his words snapped her out of her daze. Her eyes flashed at the dainty silver thread in his hands. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Thin silver chain with a small rose. The clasp she could see locked.
She moved close to him crawled to him and assumed the position again. She spoke words that would forever change her, Sir this sub asks to be yours mind body and soul but in asking I need you to know you also will have my heart be careful with it because it is fragile. Please accept my submission and I will do all I can to be the best for you
She then dropped her gaze again and waited for his response. The seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours.. she needed to hear his words feel what he felt.
She wanted to touch him grab him and kiss him to say thank you but she knew she had to wait...

6 days ago. Fri 13 Sep 2019 05:28:56 AM IDT

A picture is worth a thousand words. 

I took this picture on a rainy night and it was amazing to actually capture 3 bolts at different times.The thing with me is every picture tells a story so for me it maybe one thing but for you something else. Heres what I see now


Lightening snaps lights the way for a split second you can see. 

Everything in brilliant pure light.

Then fade to black

The power and rawness of natural energy can be felt to your core. It makes your body vibrate your heart jump and every hair on your body stand up. It brings fear, comfort, joy, and excitement.

I wait for my lightening to strike standing in the dark. I wait for my light to shine and ignite all of me. Even a force of nature wont dim out this light because like the picture it is raw real and true. With so many paths to choose but all leading to one core bolt the one tied to my soul. 



1 week ago. Thu 12 Sep 2019 05:25:04 AM IDT

It's so funny I wear the most comfortable uniform that I can think of for a profession scrubs, but I cant ever wait to get home peel them off and get into my pjs, or just jean's and a t-shirt. 

Changing out of the scrubs is like taking the take charge woman layer off and then I just get to be me.